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Ignore proposals aiming to hive wards to form an unspecified constituency IEBC told.

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By Leighton osinde .

Nyamira Kenya 05 April 2021 ……….
Elders from Kitutu Masaba Constituency have petitioned the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to ignore other proposals aiming to hive some wards to form an unspecified constituency but strictly use the only one which was presented to BBI team.

This comes after the elders have noticed that there is a scheme by some politicians/ leaders from Nyamira to split some wards in their constituency to create a new one which has been actualized by a map circulating electronically which indicates Gesima and Rigoma wards as the ones being hived way .

Speaking to Gusii star led by Chairman Barnabas Nyang’au, they said some of the leaders from the region are planning to influence the proposed delimitation of the Constituency against the people’s will.

The elders, through their Kitutu Masaba Development Forum and Abagusii Cultural Welfare listed issues they wanted the IEBC to take into consideration when determining new boundaries as it sought to divide the Constituency which is the largest in Nyamira County.

John Mogere the General secretary to the forum noted that Kitutu Masaba has more than 200,000 people which should be used by IEBC to review its Boundaries without the influence of politicians who are for their own political gains.

” Our concern is that there are some influential politicians who have plans or who have already hived away Rigoma and Gesima wards that are part of the present Kitutu Masaba and enjoin them with Nyansiongo and Esise Wards of Borabu Constituency to form the proposed new constituency, as the elders we will not allow that whosoever” he said

Instead the elders wants Kitutu Masaba to be split into two with each of the two new portions having three wards each with all its two sub-counties being maintained.

They want Kitutu Masaba to maintain its original name with Rigoma, Gachuba and Gesima wards while the new constituency, according to them, should be named Kitutu Central which should constitute Kemera, Magombo and Manga Wards.

“we want to condemn in the strongest terms possible this uncalled for provocation of Bogetutu residents who have rightly and officially granted , through BBI request they have sought since independence , this unfair move will be resisted in any way and in all ways available to the KITUTU MASABA residents” they said

Their proposal, they said is exactly what BBI proposes and the IEBC should wholly borrow from the draft.  

The elders decried a historical act by the then powerful politicians from Gusii who influenced setting up of new boundaries of the present Nyamira and Kisii Counties which led to separation of families and clans.

They have called upon the residents not to accept since it will affect them socially and Economically.

The elders also said that the incident is a sad reminder of 2 past cases of the same nature . in 1989 a then powerful minister in the government annexed part of kitutu central below manga ridge all the way to Tinga area and made it part of then Kisii district .

They added that the sad situation remains the same up to now , whereby blood brothers and sisters are separated due to selfish and parochial interests hence they will not allow Bogetutu to be playground for cavalier cowboys out to curve political homes for themselves in total disregard of prevailing interests of the area residents .