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No plans of Borabu being part of New constituency say Mp.

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By Flavia Bitengo .

Nyamira Naynza 04 April 2021.……… Borabu member of parliament  Ben Momanyi  has assured   Nyamira residents that  there is no  plans of any part  of Borabu will form a   newly proposed Constituency.  Momanyi”s sentiments comes after a section of elders from Kitutu Masabu claimed that there was plans by some politicians and leaders  to hive Gesima and Rigoma ward to Borabu.
According to him there is no such plans adding that it’s only Kitutu Masaba which will be splited to two.

” There are some people who are worrying that  a section of Borabu will  be included in the new constituency,  its only Kitutu Masaba which will be splited as  BBI recommendations since is the largest in Nyamira , I know it has been concern  that I want to assure them that there is no plans “Said Momanyi adding that he will continue  defending  his constitutes and nothing will be done without his input. Early last week a section of Elders from Kitutu Masaba accused some politicians who they said had proposed Gesima and Nyamira to be enjoined with Esise and Nyasiongo wards  to make new constituency.

Kitutu masaba is the largest constituency in Nyamira county with Gesima, Kemera ,Gachuba, Magombo and Wards with  a population  of more than 250,000 people .