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ODM youths differ on whom to support.

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ODM youth league led by Denis Mosoti [photo Gusii star]

By Gusii star.

Kisii Kenya 05 April 2021……………..As campaigns have been intensifies in Bonchari ahead of the By election slated on 18 May 2021 it has emerged that ODM party youth supporters have been divided ,one team supporting ODM candidate while another supporting Jubilee candidate Zebedeo Opore .

Addressing the press on Monday a group of ODM youths league accused a section of the youths [ ODM supporters Network ]who issued a statement on Sunday throwing their support to Jubilee candidate .

Led by Denis Mosoti told Gusii star ODM fraternity has Three main structures which include ODM youth league , women league and ODM main stream, accusing those who issued the statement on Sunday as foreigners in the party..

According to Mosoti his team they are real genuine supporters of ODM party who have popularized it in Bonchari and Kisii county at large.

” Today we have meant here to clarify what happened yesterday in which purported group ODM supporters network gave statement of defecting to support Jubilee candidate , as ODM fraternity we have three main structures which is Youth League\ Women league and Main stream , we don’t have supporters network” He stated

According to Mosoti what happened on Sunday was just a kicking of dying horse after realizing that ODM will carry the Day noting that in Bonchari there is no handshake Candidate.

They Vowed to Support and work closely with ODM candidate Pavel Oimeke .

On sunday aground of youths led by Ian Simba said that they will support jubilee candidate following frustrations of the ODM party during nominations.