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A Police “Imposter” goes Rogue -Kisii

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Kisii county Police Commander Kibwere Macharia at his Office , He confirmed the incident adding that investigation are underway [photo By Brighton Makori /Gusii star]

By Gilbert Kobi.

The police in Kisii County are investigating an incident where a police’ imposter ‘was arrested after the Kiamabundu villagers in Kisii central Nyaribari chache sub county reported the matter.

It was on Monday evening when the rogue officer with another went for a raid in the village at the illicit brew dens both in full combat of the force.

After smelling a rat one of the villagers called the area the area administrator asking him whether he had sent police officer in the village at the time of the curfew to harass them over illicit brew cases at night.

It is then, that the villager who sought anonymity tasked the villagers to stand firm over the characters till the administrator arrived.

“I was suspicious of the way the two officers have been operating in these villages of Kiamabundu and Kenonga at curfew hours whereas we all know that when anything happens the area chief must know”, said the villager who argued that they were telling villagers that they were sent by Provincial administration

Two of the suspects were arrested taken to kisii police station where after cross examination one was cleared as police officer and another was a rogue former officer doing raids at night.

Confirming the incident the Kisii county Police commander King’ori Macharia said that the suspect was in the police custody waiting to arraigned in court for his conduct.

According to the Commander the suspect was a police officer but was interdicted long time ago wondering how he has been operating and the extent of harm he has caused to Kisii residents.

“It’s regrettable that such incident could occur in this town with an officer who understands what awaits him on such characters”, he said in his office confirming that yes it was the villagers who raised an alarm and now investigations are underway to know how after interdiction he never returned the force attires.

The police commandant appreciated the villagers and urged the residents of Kisii to be vigilant on such characters that have gone astray and called upon them to report more incidences of the suspect held in police in the way he has been tormenting them.

“I call upon anybody who may have any report over any crimes and other illegal issues’ he might have committed to report in the Kisii central police station”, posed King’ori urging the residents to act first when confronted with such bad vice characters.

This is not the first case of rouge police officers or rather police imposters to have harassed and caused mayhem to innocent Kenyans with the assistance of other police officers because they work from the police stations.