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Defilement cases major concern made during (POMAC) meetings Says Dr Muriuki .

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Power of mercy advisory committee (POMAC) CEO Dr Lydia Muriuki [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Leighton Osinde.

Kisii Kenya 07 April 2021……………. Defilement cases is among major concerns made by the public during the Power of mercy advisory committee (POMAC) session of stakeholder and public consultations in Kisii county today.

Speaking during the consultation forum, Task force committee acting CEO Dr Lydia Muriuki stated the task force undertakes to welcome objectively and consider, evaluate and weigh all views expressed prior to implementing adopted recommendations into a draft policy and power of mercy (Amendment) bill.

Dr Muriuki noted that during the forums they have held in counties Kisii county being the 8 one , said that after having such forums there is recurring themes across the country one being that when one has been released there must be document given to him showing that he has been transformed

“There is a public outcry on individuals who have been pardoned and reformed and still can’t access certificates of good conduct. They are not able to access job opportunities and they find themselves between a rock and a hard place,indeed people are saying that this person needs to be given a document after being released to show that he has been rehabilitated/transformed ” she added.


She noted that the case of defilement has been a concern in all counties they have held meetings hence the public urged the Committee to look to such offenses which are touching matters .

Dr Muriku also noted that during the forum People requested that the local administrations should be included during pardoning process since when one has been released he/she comes back to the society which is administrated by the chiefs.

          “We are reviewing all the laws under article 133 of the constitution and simply we are doing what the law requires us as a task force committee in engaging the stakeholder and public to hear and incorporate their views for betterment and strengthening this section of the law,” she said.

             She noted that the public is thinking much alike and feel before mercy is granted, the length and severity of the crime should be reviewed critically.     

            “The chances of such individuals going back again to crime is high considering some of them are learned and can’t access any job because of their past. It is unfortunate but we are reviewing the same with our stakeholders to present a solution,” said Muriuki.

            Subject to consideration, some individuals ought to be given priority such as pregnant mothers, persons with disability and people who are suffering from terminal illness.