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Don’t be selective on which vaccine Kenyans should take Government urged .

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Rachel Otundo at her office [Photo Brighton makori ]

By Gilbert Kobi

The government has been urged not to be selective on which vaccine Kenyans should get as the covid-19 pandemic worsens.

Currently Kenya has received AstraZeneca vaccine which has been rolled out all over the country but a small percentage has received the vaccine as the ministry of health states that much is needed.

There is also the sputnik vaccine from Russia that has landed in the country recently and has been given to Kenyans on pay as they cite its potential to fight the pandemic.

Speaking in her office Rachel Otundo the gubernatorial aspirant form Kisii County has dismissed efforts by the government to use ministry through KEMSA to ban the usage of sputnik vaccine in Kenya.

Rachel says that the government should ensure there is existence of various vaccines from different worldwide pharmaceuticals to curb the spread of corona virus.

“It’s a pity for the ministry of health to look biased on which vaccine Kenyans should take while not telling us how the sputnik vaccine landed into Kenya and in Nanyuki to be specific”, posed Rachel who accused KEMSA of being used to undermine world tested vaccines on the basis of benefiting those who are behind AstraZeneca vaccine supply.

According to the leader in America there is Johnson and Johnson vaccine that prominent people from Kenya travel to receive and that has not been a problem to KEMSA but when the Deputy president William Ruto received the sputnik vaccine alongside so many lawyers and political class it has now become a problem.

She urges the government to give Kenyans a leaf of life by not conditioning them on which vaccine should be used and which one cant for Kenyans is clever enough to think on the line of why it is free to receive AstraZeneca vaccine and why you have to pay for the sputnik vaccine.

“It’s a personal decision on one to decide which hospital to go for medication government or private, and if sputnik vaccine is found in private hospitals for pay, AstraZeneca found in government facilities for free its individual to decide where to receive services”, stated Rachel pointing out that Kenyans may be fooled to change their thinking on how KEMSA and covid-19 billionaires scandal is moving on.

While in Kenya sputnik vaccine is going for Ksh.8, 000 to 12,000 per session individually in big and small private health facilities, AstraZeneca vaccine is going for free in the government and selected private health facilities