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Kangaroo courts,Chiefs hinders conviction of defilement Perpetrators says Janet.

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Kisii county Women Rep , she has accused the Chiefs for protecting defilement perpetrators , call for action [ Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori .

KISII KENYA 08 APRIL 2021………………..It has emerged that the Kangaroo courts in Kisii are the hindrance in the fight against defilement cases in the region which are being facilitated by chiefs and family members making the suspects not to be convicted .

Addressing the Press on Thursday at her Kisii county offices , Kisii County Woman Member of the National Assembly Janet Ong’era wondered the rate at which young girls are being defiled in the society while the suspects are left walking free after being protected by the administrations

Mama county Inspection the Ongoing Gender Based rescue center [Photo Brighton Makori]

“The rate at which defilement cases are going for the rise is worrying until it has reached a point where we ask our self is it we have psychological problem in our county ,where is the problem” Posed Mama County adding they are going to hold meetings which will bring solutions to end the ramped menace.

Janet added that there is many cases which has been reported but nothing so far has been done by the security agencies which are have not set enough measures to curb such incidents.

” We are tired that the county Commissioner is not taking enough measures and the office of my brother Fred Matiangi have not taken enough measures to curb this menace , we cannot have the society were our young girls are being defiled and nothing is being done” she stated noting that they cannot keep quit when the perpetrators are walking free and being protected by the chiefs.

Janet said that the perpetrators are walking free after being protected by the chiefs who knows whereabouts by remembering last year’s Kenyenya incident where 9 year old was defiled and killed but nobody has ever since arrested.

The county Mp who was accompanied section of MCAs during the inspected of the ongoing construction of gender based Violence rescue center,said that as women leaders they need proper Mechanisms rather than Kangaroo courts because it doesn’t provide balance law.

” As women leader I don’t support Kangaroo courts because its not respective Mechanisms in which you can actual have a balance law , it only a courts which is decided locally and based on emotions , we need balanced system , Us the women we have an act of parliament, the sexual offenses act,let the perpetrators be taken to court” she noted

Mama county’s sentiments comes barely days after 50-year-old man is suspected to have defiled his six-year-old daughter in a coffee plantation.

The girl was rushed to Marani Sub County before being referred to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH), where she underwent surgery and was put under observation by the doctors.

The suspect has not been arrested .