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Governor sends congratulations message to Quintuplets family .

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Father to the Quintuples.p

Douglas Kerundu Nyaoko a father to the Quintuplets [photo Brighton makori ]

By Gusii star .

Kisii Kenya 16 April 2021…….…..The family which was blessed with five Children has contunies to receive congratulations messages from leaders across the county .

According to the statements send to gusii star, Kisii County Governor James Ongwae and his wife Elizabeth congratulated a mother who gave birth to quintuplets on Thursday at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH), the first case to be reported in the hospital’s history.

The two also commended medics who attended to the mother during the successful pre-term delivery via C-section.

“I applaud the medics who attended to the mother. I am thankful for the care they gave to the mother before and after the delivery. I wish both the mother and her children good health,” said Ongwae.

The primigravida mother, Serah Nyanchera is recuperating at the postnatal ward while the neonates are doing well at the New Born Unit (NBU), according to the Nursing Manager Eunice Nyorera.

“The first child weighed 1.5, the second 1.2, the third and forth 1.5 while the fifth weighed 1.1 kilograms,” said the Nursing Manager. “The babies are closely observed at the NBU since they were born before the due date,” she added.

She confirmed that the 23-year-old mother has been receiving prenatal care at the facility adding that she was admitted yesterday at and delivered four girls and a boy at 30 weeks.

“The mother displayed labour pain signs while her abdomen was pendulous. Our team sent her for an ultrasound examination which showed that she had multiple pregnancy prompting for an emergency C-Section,” said Ms Nyorera. The lady had a miscarriage in 2019 during her first trimester.

Mrs. Ongwae was thrilled with the news saying it is a rare blessing for both the mother and her family and prayed for God’s protection to the little ones.

“I am happy to learn from doctors at the facility that the neonates’ apgar score is very good. Since the babies are at the NBU and the mother is coming to terms of the many blessings she has received, I will visit her at the facility once they are all stable and give them my personal support,” said Mrs. Ongwae noting that the mother needs some time to rest.

“As a mother who has undergone the maternal journey, I indeed thank God for walking with Ms. Nyanchera. It is by God’s grace,” said Mrs. Ongwae.

The father of the children Douglas Nyaoka was delighted with the news although they were not expecting quintuplets.

“During her antenatal visits, the sonographer revealed to her that she was carrying at least three children,” said Nyaoka who hails from Bobaracho area. They have been married for the last two years.