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stop shifting attention to 2022 elections, Citizen need services leaders Told.

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Bishop John Omangi of ACK addressing the Media on Friday [Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii Kenya 16 April 2021……………...The National Council of Churches of Kenya [NCCK] Kisii county coordinating Committee has called leaders in both county and National levels to stop shifting their attention to 2022 election which has forced them to forget to deliver services to the electorate .

Led by their chairman Bishop John Omangi of Anglican church of Kenya , said that leaders have started to make promises of what they will do if elected in 2022 forgetting that the citizens at the moment want to hear or see practical solutions that are meant to cushion the masses from the effects of Covid 19 Pandemic, rampant unemployment among other challenges

They have also called upon the national Government to make efforts and constitute the IEBC by appointing commissioners so that to avoid situations of unpreparedness in the upcoming general elections.

Land Grabbing

The chairperson also noted that land grabbing in Kisii county is ramped making People Suffer silently when they found that their lands has been taken by powerful people hence they called upon agencies to out and rescue people from the trap remanding that even the NCCK has been affected by saying that one of their land has been rapped in Kisii .

” Churches , schools , Individuals has lost lands to powerful People we call upon the Ministry of Lands commissioner and the county Government to come out and rescue people from the suffering , he said adding that they have lost apiece of land to some grabbers which they need it back or else they take another action

Bishop called upon the citizens to continue to obey the Ministry of health Protocols for it will go along way to help us save live.

“We thank the churches for the cooperation they have demonstrated in keeping with the interfaith council protocols on Covid 19 . As the people of faith we keep on to pray and do a lot education to our members during our worships , we call upon the county Government to enhance cooperation and collaboration in the fight of the pandemic” He said