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Olympic Junior School maintains it’s ladder of success.

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Olympic Junior Schools Director Zachary Onduso at His Office .[Photo Brighton makori ]

By Gusii star .

Kisii Kenya 19 April 2021……….……“It was by the grace of God, self discipline , Determination and self esteem that pupils in my school scored 63.6757 ,words of Zachary Onduso the director of Olympic Junior Schools when he was asked why and how his school performed well this year.

Found in Nyamache sub county in Kisii county the school registered a population of 37 pupils,20 girls and 17 boys,the first candidate scored 399,395 and 393 as the 2nd and 3rd candidates respectively.

Ford Ndubi was the first pupil followed by Helen Bosibori Mose and then Ivy Obaga,girls performed overall well than boys in the line-up of rather an inspiring performing m.s.s of 363.6757.

The last candidate scored 317 marks and as a result the director accords hard work of all candidates and the selfishness of all his teachers that has seen this school ever shinning.

“Having 0ver 30 teachers teaching over 600 students also is not a joke because these teachers hold day and boarding pupils with others being recruited by the government day in day out”, stated Onduso who has expanded the operations of his group of schools to Nyacheki, Kilgoris and Kisii.