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Consider opening the country, President Urged .

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Duke Mose Nyangena proprietor of keiko hotel kisii having vaccinated recently[ Photo courtesy]

By Gilbert Kobi.

KISII KENYA 20 April 2021 ………….Hotel owners organization in Kisii have cried foul over covid-19 blatant merciless measures as they cite stiff challenges in the market and in their progressive measures in hotel measures.

Speaking to Gusii star in his office the proprietor of Keiko group of hotels in Gusii Duke Mose Nyangena has called upon the head of state to consider what they are undergoing on having high rage of joblessness thus thuggery.

According to him business industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and measures that have been put in place by the health ministry to curb the covid-19 spread.

“I for example have rented the premises and owners demand their rent arrears at the end of the month as well as workers I have employed here”, he said adding that at the onslaught there were measures that were being followed to the latter and that Kenyans are very much aware now on matters covid-19.

He states that most of the hotel businesses have pulled down rendering workers and owners jobless besides creating stress and depression and moreover causing vulnerability for many who had just ventured into business.

“Am pleading with the head of state, kindly your excellency consider the mass of Kenyans that are languishing in poverty and give leeway to opening of businesses in order to save Kenya from the hard times a head”, posed Nyangena urging the head of state to ease even curfew hours.

Duke further thanked Kenyans for cooperating with ministry of health protective measures for like wearing masks, washing hands, making use of the sanitizer and keeping social distance for the hard times that the country has experienced the wrath of the pandemic.

Nobody should fear much now for we did when the covid-19 virus was at its peak of killing people helplessly and world was in the process of looking for the vaccine thanks for the vaccine is here”, said duke urging each and every person to go for the vaccine.