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16yrs girl commits suicide over boyfriend.

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By Gusii star.

Kisii Kenya 21 April 2021………....A 16 years old girl committed suicide in Kisii County on Tuesday in protest over her parents rejection of her relationship with a 21 years old boyfriend.

The girl is said to have taken poison at Mwamokoro Village, Boige Location in South Mugirango constituency after her mother confronted her while in the company of her boyfriend who is a bodaboda rider something that infuriated the girl.

Confirming the incident area Chief Isaac Obara said that the parents of the girl had on several occasions warned their school going daughter against being in a relationship with the bodaboda rider and even reported them to his office a number of times.

The mother of the deceased girl found her with her boyfriend in a room in a house that is still under construction, warning the young man to leave her daughter alone while ordering the girl to go home where she was supposed to explain why she defied her parents,” said Obara.

The parents of the girl are said to have filed a case in court against the bodaboda rider who is said to have been used to eloping with the girl from her home on several occasions and he had been restrained from ever being seen in her company pending the conclusion of the matter.

The Chief said that the girl’s mother was shocked on reaching home to find her daughter unconscious after which she carried her on her back to Tabaka Mission Hospital where she was pronounced dead after medics attending to her failed to resuscitate her back to life.

The body of the girl is currently being kept at Tabaka Hospital Mortuary where a postmortem will be carried out to establish the cause of death awaiting burial rites to be conducted on a later date,” said Obara.