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A widow and mother of four appeal to well-wishers for help.

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Millenct Nyaboke Okioga have appealed for well wisher to build her house . [Photo Brighton makori ]

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii Kenya 21 April 2021………….A window and a mother of Four children from Motanya village, Truwa sub location Masige location, Bobasi Constituency, Kisii county is appealing for help from well-wishers to build her a house after living in abject squalor since the husband died in 2018.

Speaking to Gusii star Millenct Nyaboke Okioga said that after her husband died 4 years ago she has been struggling in life and living in an old house with her children.

Nyoboke added that being a mother of Four two girls and two boys its has been hard to stay with them in one house which is almost falling as they are stil going through the hustles and bustles of life together .

” Since my husband died it has been a struggle , having four children who are going to school the first and second being in form two while others are in standard six and seven respectively, we are staying in one house which is likely to fall any time,” said Nyaboke as she appeals for well wishers to help her

An grass structure the widow were left to live in had been dilapidated by age and weather elements over the years, making it uninhabitable

She noted that her trouble started after her husband died who was sick for many years and used a lot of money hoping for him to well but unfortunately he died

” We used a lot of resources for medication even ending up to lease land hoping that my husband was to be well but unfortunately he died ” she noted

I think life has beaten hard on me. I only would have wished to have a house and my children had a better life. What is worse is I don’t know what to do but i urge well wishers to rescue me ” she added