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Man who allegedly killed his son to wait until 27th May to know if he will be released on bond or not.

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41 year old Nehemiah Asiago [ who has covered himself ]being escorted to the Court ]

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Kisii Kenya 2021…..….Kisii high court Judge Rose Ougo has said the court will make a ruling on 27th May to give a bond or not to a 41 year old man who killed his son by slitting his throat in June last year.

Nehemiah Asiago on Monday this week charged with murder offence contrary to section 203 as red with section 204 of the penal code.

Asiago was charged on particulars on 2nd June 2020 at Bomachonda village in Kisii south murdered Byron Asiago after picking a quarrel with him following a Domestic Disagreement. He took a kitchen knife and stabbed his son in the left side of the chest killing him instantly.

The suspect pleaded not guilty to the charges and he was detained at Kisii prisons.

In today’s proceedings An advocate representing Asiago made submissions to the high court asking the court to give a bond to his client.

Wilkins Ochoki in his submissions said the court has no compelling reasons as to why the accused should be denied a bond since the accused had deposited a CV and a copy of his travelling documents with an agency that helps Kenyans travel getting jobs in the Middle East before the murder incident happened.

Ochoki said the accused person has no VISA and therefore the court cannot be told he was attempting to fly out of the country.

“The accused person’s passport is in the custody of the investigation officer with enough assurance no court jurisdiction and therefore reasons he will fly out of the country can’t be a compelling reason to deny him bond, “said Ochoki.

Ochoki asked the court to disregard submissions that the community is paying for his blood and therefore the accused has a right to be released on a bond.

Senior prosecution council Edwin Otieno asked the court to recognize instances whereby accused is released and mob justice takes place, instances whereby denial in such cases has no difference in facts and circumstances.

The court will rule out on 27th may this year if the accused person should be released on a bond or not.