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Put your house in order,Don’t blame us, M.P tells Governor Nyaribo.

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Borabu M.P Ben Momanyi presents a giant water tank to Kineni primary school board members in Kiajauri, Nyansiongo town, 0n Monday. 26 April 2021.

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira Kenya 27 April 2021……………...Borabu Constituency Member of Parliament (M.P) Ben Momanyi has for the first time come out publicly to tell off governor Amos Nyaribo over what he
(Momanyi) termed as careless mention of him having a hand in the wrangles facing the governor.

The visibly furious Momanyi instead told governor Amos Nyaribo to put his house in order and stamp authority instead of blaming his failures on him and other leaders.

“And I want to be very clear today from here, if you have never won any elections,you may not understand how to safeguard that position. When governor Nyaribo, who took over from the late John Nyagarama, is unable to rule and unite Nyamira residents, he is always crying and saying that I am the one sabotaging his government, that am meeting so and so in hotels, where does he want me to even eat, that I should not share with my people as a leader?” posed Momanyi.

“What crime do I commit in having a chat with my people in hotels, why can’t he cook for me so that I don’t go to hotel which he seems to have a problem with.Today (Monday) the same governor is meeting Members of County Assembly (MCAs) at a Kisii hotel, has he heard any of us or me raise an issue over his meeting, why does he want to tag me along his failures as if am his wife?” asked Momanyi.

Momanyi assured him of his support to complete the remaining term which was left underway by Nyagarama who died last year December due corona virus related complications.

We will assist him complete Mzee Nyagarama’s term and late r brace for a really contest in 2022.I want to tell him that the position we hold are not ours but given to us by mwananchi and those are our employers who we are answerable to and he should be following on whatever I do as my wife could do”, added Momanyi.

Momanyi noted that Nyaribo had shown his inability to lead Nyamira County when he could not manage to control the assembly which has only 36 members.

“If he is unable to lead 36 members of the county assembly, then he has clearly shown that he cannot govern the county as a whole, he should simply leave office for serious leaders to take over”, he said.

He also took a swipe at a section of county assembly members who he said have forgotten their roles and ‘gone to bed’ with the executive and dancing to the tune of the governor.

Momanyi’s name has adversely been mentioned as one of the people sponsoring the war to destabilize Nyaribo through the assembly after the death of former governor John Nyagarama who was seen having a soft spot on his succession in 2022 gubernatorial elections.

The M.P was speaking in Nyansiongo town, Borabu Monday, where he issued over Ksh.13 million cheques and water harvesting tanks to various school in this third phase.

Until the death of Nyagarama in December last year, Ben Momanyi was seen at the possible heir of the county’s top seat.

Nyaribo has been unable to pick his deputy after the assembly shot down his proposed candidate ex-West Mugirango Constituency M.P Dr. James Gesami on integrity grounds.
The County assembly’s appointments committee found that Dr. Gesami did not present to it clearance from ethics and financial bodies which is a requirement when seeking employment in Kenya.

On Monday Governor Amos Nyaribo held a meeting at Kamel Park hotel Kisii with Teya the speaker and members of county assembly to get solutions of ending the wrangles which has been in Nyamira county for several days now.

After the Meeting the Governor called upon the Members of national assembly from Nyamira county to put off Nyamira county executive and County assembly affairs instead to focus in National affairs.