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Koome will prove that even women can endeavor in leadership Says Rachel Otundo.

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Rachel Otundo the secretary gusii governance watch and aspiring governor kisii county in-her-office.

By our correspondent .

Kisii Kenya 28 April 2021……………..Women fraternity in Kenya is celebrating the nomination of lady justice Martha Koome as a chief justice of the republic of Kenya.

Gusii Governance Watch secretary and a Kisii county gubernatorial aspirant Rachel Otundo have appreciated the judicial service commission [JSC] for having realized that Koome with her experience will be in a better place to serve at the helm of chief justice.

Rachel further confirmed that third gender rule issue was considered in choosing justice Koome for the position as she will now join the group Kenyan top leadership where decisions are made and therefore women fraternity is represented.

She urged her to play a role of women in governance and following the rule of law and observing the rule of law by avoiding partiality, the tendency that is normal in some of our justice systems in our country Kenya.

“I urge Martha Koome to be steadfast in offering justice where its due and avoid being intimidated to lean low on enforcing the law as it is”, she said adding that Koome’s term if approved and her work done well will prove that even women can endeavor in leadership.

Besides applauding Koome,Rachel to an issue with the mount Kenya region for marginalizing other regions on representation basis owing the fact that when it come to an election it’s all Kenyans that vote in a leader and not one region.

“We have three arms of government but it’s unfortunate that all most influential are occupied by Mount Kenya people”, posed Rachel adding that other regions can’t be watching from the valley as the Mount Kenya people rejoice.