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Tea farmers grateful to reforms.

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Tea Farmer plucking Tea at Irondi Village Nyaribari Chache, Photo Brighton Makori /Gusii star

By Gilbert Kobi .

Kisii Kenya 28 April 2021………………..The government has been praised to have come in handy to help tea growers from the mouth of cartels that have been ruining their cash crop farming in gusii region.

Speaking after being cleared to contest for the seat of director in Masimba town hall for Kiamokama tea factory, Zachary Motari Okwoyo said that the reform that the government have put in place are highly welcomed by farmers.

“I have been cleared to go for the director’s seat to represent  farmers from zone 6 in kiamokama tea factory on elections that are to be held at ibeno centre of Friday”, stated Motari who urged the farmers to ignore calls from non reformists.

Motari called upon all farmers from tea growing areas to embrace reforms that have been brought by the government supported by the president and his administration aiming at rescuing farmers from cartels that have been milking big from innocent farmers.

According to him the efforts that has been put on these reforms by the agriculture minister Peter Munya and interior cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang i are well aimed and the fighting back from the non reformists can attest to the fact that their illegality has been completely thwarted by the government.

“The minister for agriculture Peter Munya has given tea farmers an opportunity to explore their tea products at will where the participate feeling all inclusive unlike before when it was the mandate of factories with directors which make decisions on behalf of the farmer”, said Motari adding that reforms will seal loopholes that have been there giving way for corrupt deals to be accomplished.

He further urged farmers to remain steadfast in their mission of recovery from brokers and corrupt cartels that have been taking advantage of them to swindle monies for amorphous reasons best known to them and suppressing the farmer.

I call upon Kenya Tea Development Agency to leave farmers make their decisions solemnly based on what reforms state and not in accordance with KTDA which is an employee of farmers”, agitated Motari said adding that agents of past detractors have always wanted the status quo to remain but the government on its own wisdom has stood its stand to help farmer.