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prioritize development issues by engaging residents Municipality told .

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A fruit vendor displaying fruits in Kisii town , it has been said that fruits boost immune more so during covid 19 period [photo courtesy ]

By Gilbert Kobi

Kisii Kenya 29 April 2021………The government and by extension Kisii municipal board has been asked to prioritize development issues by engaging the residents and more so the business community within town Centre.

This has come after recent acts of the county enforcing officers aided by the police demolished the small business community sheds and made away with their products.

A renowned businessman in Kisii George Morara Akuma has urged the municipal board to go slow in demolitions and seek redress of the residents on how to clean the town other than making serious decisions that have created bad blood between the business community and county government of Kisii.

Yes the county needs the small scale business persons and in return these investors need the county government for the good environment of doing business and generating worthy economy”,Morara said adding that there are much like public participation and correcting mistakes that were done in the past that are affecting the drainage system in Kisii.

Morara noted that the drainage system in Kisii that was done in the late 1980s in serving the current population as it was meant to serve less population at the time of its inception.

He categorically cited the scarcity of water in Kisii town from gusii water and Sanitation Company as cause of more handcarts fetching and delivering water and thus causing unnecessary jams everywhere in tow.

Look at even the way the parking is done in the town, it’s very strange that the county is more interested in putting up a parking area everywhere to collect revenue blanketing the menace this pedestrian and motorists conflict can cause like accidents”, he stated advising the municipality to disembark on crucial areas of upgrade like sewerage, walkways and making up of backstreet roads to open up the town