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Kenya power starts sensitising the public to curb illegal practices .

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By Brighton Makori.

Kisii Kenya 30 April 2021……..Kenya power has started sensitising the public on how to curb unsafe practises -illegal connections across the country.

This comes after its has been reported that three hundred and forty five people have died in the last four years across the country.

 According to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company ( KPLC)  Manager, Safety Health and Environment , John Guda  74 percent of the accidents to members of the public were caused by unsafe practices- illegal connections and extensions done by quacks.

The manager added thats why  Company’s board has started sensitizing the public to curb the practices.

Mr Guda urged members of the public to avoid using quarks but instead use qualified and registered contractors to connect power at their homesteads to avoid accidents, stressing the Company will not be responsible for deaths caused due to illegal connections.

Speaking during a public electrical safety sensitization workshop for national government administration officers at Kisii national polytechnic, he said the company was losing millions of shillings through illegal connections by cartels.

He noted that the Cartels steal the company’s materials from the existing lines to connect power to impatient consumers at a cheaper cost as they have arrested  194  since last year and were facing cases in court.

The manager added that the government is connecting power to members of the public under last mile connectivity in four phases at Ksh. 15000, lamenting  that every Kenyan will be connected by 2022 while urging consumers who cannot wait for it to apply for the power at the company instead

He said the Company has revamped Kisii county office and plans are underway to hasten the last mile connectivity so that all Kenyans access electricity by 2022 as per the government’s program.

Guda said the company was losing equipment through vandals and urged locals to report to chiefs, police officers and Kenya power officers to arrest them for prosecutions.

Migori and Kisii counties have the highest cases of illegal connections and urged locals to help arrest the culprits.