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We hope new directors will help tea farmers says Senatorial candidate Okeng`o

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Kisii senatorial candidate okengo Nyambane has congratulated new elected directors.

Okeng'o Nyambane [] Photo Courtesy

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii Kenya 30 April 2021…………Newly elected  Tea Directors from Kisii and Nyamira counties have been called to  help farmers from the yoke of cartels who for along time have made Tea farmers to suffer.

 Speaking to Gusii star while giving congratulatory message, Kisii county senatorial candidate Okeng’o  Nyambane said that Tea farmers across the country  have the trust and decree  that the new directors will  bring sanity and help farmers to be  paid their dues in time and with an increment.

“I extend my sincere congratulations to the incoming elected directors in Today’s polls. you have the trust and decree to go and help farmers to ensure smallholder tea farmers are paid their dues as they should, farmers have been at the brink of giving up due to meager returns earned back from their work,”said Okeng`o
The incoming senator  added that farmers now should see a great difference since most farmers have been complaining that the directors were being compromised by KTDA to make decisions that do not favour farmers.
” it’s my hope and wish that the new directors  will reduce the factory’s expenditure to the famers in order to prioritize road maintenance, provision of bursaries to deserving students, provision of Sacco loans and inputs” okengo told the Gusii star
According  him low tea output has been attributed to lack of diffusion of adequate production technologies and inefficient use of fertilizers which should also be highly considered.

He also vowed to  work with key stakeholders by supporting them  to enhance monitoring and evaluation practices, project team dynamics and performance of smallholder tea farming projects in Kisii and Nyamira county, “Low tea prices are a serious problem in tea production to coup this i suggest that improvement in tea grades would increase the prices”He added  noting that he Hopes that  all the smallholder tea farmers in Kisii and Nyamira County will have a increase in production of Greenleaf due to the  good farming practices more so at this time of high rainfall.The Kenya Tea Development Agency  (KTDA) promotes the plucking of two  leaves and a bud, tea is the leading cash crop in Kenya this has made Kenya to be the best producer of tea in the world, small-scale tea farming in Kenya has  had a remarkable history and growth.
The new directors  was elected after the government brings new reforms in the sector to uplift the welfare of tea farmers after years of exploitation by former factory managements