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County accused for failing to equip sub county hospitals.

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A section of residents at Iyabe protesting the state of the facility on Friday . [Photo Gusii star ]

By Gusii star.

Kisii Kenya 10 May 2021…………..Following the Covid 19 Pandemic that counties to devastate the world at an unprecedented rate a section of Bonchari residents in Kisii county have said that Hospitals across the Kisii are not prepared to handle the outbreak for lack of proper systems in place .

Speaking to Gusii star led By Ian Simba , they noted that if pandemic hits the rural areas due to lack of equipment in medical facilities, it will be hard for the Government to contain the pandemic more so when the constituency is preparing for by – election slated on 18 May 2021.

Simba wondered why the County government has failed to equip the Facilities when some money was allocated for the same .

According to Simba the state at Nyamagundo , Riana , Riotachi, Iyabe sub county hospital is a clear indication that the Government of Kisii has not prioritized health sector to its residents .

” We are wondering whether Iyabe and other health facilities are in Kisii county , since the hospitals are lacking drugs , no water and nobody is concerned about it even when we are aware that some allocations were made to this facilities ” Said Simba.

Joseph Nyakiba also said that the hospital lacks the necessities during this period of Covid 19.

Am also one of the people who get services from this hospital but I want to confirm that the hospital is not working any more , since we are in Covid 19 period it has failed to provide equipment like where people can sanitize , no water which is leading the facility to deplorable state “Said Nyakiba adding that its high time for the county Government needs to come out and explain to the Bonchari People what they intends to restore the health situation in the area .

Caren Ondieki from Bomokora said that the hospital needs facelift not only when people are campaigning for political seats where they promise heaven on earth.

” Now we have a by election and campaigns are on , we call upon the leaders more special Kisii county Government Led by Governor James Ongwae to avoid making promises which has never fulfilled when election is over” stated Caren .