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Syllabus coverage, Team work , Discipline among factors of our success Says Principal Ondari

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Nyaguta secondary school Principal George ondari at his office .[Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori .

 Kisii Kenya 12 May 2021……………….Nyaguta SDA  Secondary  school Principal is  proud after the school improved its mean grade from 3.4  to 4.9  a positive deviation of 1.5 on this years KCSE Results.

Speaking  to Gusii star at his office on Tuesday  Principal George  Ondari  noted that they are happy  for  2020  results .

  He said that they  had 82 candidates whereby 12  performed well  enabling them  to secure direct university entry, the first student being able to score  B+1  B1  6B- 4C+  among  them being girls .

 According to the principal the  school is now on the ladder of success  compared to last year’s [2019] national results since this year they were able to  manage 12 students to the university.

 “ Am happy that we are making  milestones  to make sure that we are on the right track , 2020 results is a big achievement , we have managed to take 12 students  among them being girls as compared to last year when we had only one,” Said Principal  adding that the  best  student was fresh student who  joined  the school from form One to four 4.

 He attributed the good results to  the discipline  of students  and being focused, also to the Teachers who work as a team.

” I would like to attribute  the good performance to the discipline  of our students , am  proud to say that in this area we have every disciplined  students  and focused, beside that i want to say that the teachers have always impressed team work:” he told the Gusii star noting that they always cover the syllabus early which allows them to start revision

The principal now believes that the new mean score will secure the school to be promoted to county level  which will allow  students from other regions unlike now when they only get few students with high marks  because  they fail to join national schools after missing Fees .

 To the parents he said that through their cooperative it has made the school to achieve its goals

 ” Parents have been supportive in paying schools fees, although i understand the economic challenges  hence i allow them to pay the little they have without sending away the students”