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Stop dragging CS Matiang’i in your campaign Politicians told as Youths rally behind Opore.

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Kitutu chache Member of Parliament Richard Onyoka.[Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori and Elizabeth Angira.

Kisii Kenya 13 May 2021………...Political leaders and supporters campaigning for various candidates in the incoming By- election in Bonchari constituency have been urged to stop dragging Interior and Coordination Cabinet Secretary ( CS), Dr Fred Matiangi’s name in their campaigns.

Led by Kitutu Chache South Member of Parliament, Richard Momoima Onyonka noted that some elected leaders from other counties were camping in the constituency and were abusing the Cabinet Secretary and linking him to the their own campaign failures .

Addressing the Press after the meeting with youths who vowed to support Jubilee candidate Zebedeo Opore, The lawmaker advised the leaders to shun it and instead sell their policies peacefully for the voters to decide their fate in the by-election slated for May 18 .

“I would like to urge and advise our Gusii leaders who have brought some leaders from other regions who always insult our son Fred Matiangi  that enough is enough , let them shun before we take an  action  “said  Momoima adding that  they only need peaceful  by election.

Our leaders should stop allowing leaders from other areas to abuse us. Do not push us so much. If you push your dog, it can bite you” Onyonka said at Marsh Park hotel in Kisii County after a meeting of Bonchari youths allied to the Jubilee Party

The Ford Kenya deputy party leader said there are by-elections in other parts of the country and it was wrong for leaders from those areas to come to Kisii to abuse Matiang’i instead of respecting him .

The Mp said Matiang’i is the kingpin of the Gusii community and will play a key role in negotiating for jobs and development projects for the community in the next government.

Even if they continue abusing Matiangi, we only know t that he is our own son who is representing us, nobody   can represent us from other region” Momoima said

In his part Jubilee Candidate Zebedeo Opore, lauded more than five hundred youths for rallying behind him and urged them to be wary of political leaders hell bent to misuse and dump them.

 “I want to thank the youths for deciding to support me during this by Election, this has shown that the youths have realized that they are not there to be used and dumped by politician  , I always pray that we  have peaceful election without any form of rigging since it will distort democracy of the country” stated Opore urging rivals to conduct peaceful campaigns and shun rigging also advocating for the media to be vigilant and expose anomalies during campaigns and elections.

Speaking on the behalf of the youths Douglas Ogari said that they have resolved to support the Jubilee candidate because of the Development the Government had done in the Constituency.

 He added that because of the respect they have to President Uhuru Kenyatta and CS Fred Matiangi they will support the Handshake candidate.

“Youths have resolved to support Opore as a handshake candidate because of the development president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has done in the area” he said

We respect President Kenyatta and Matiang’I for fostering development in the constituency. We will win the seat with a landslide” he added

Its now four days to the material day for the candidates to scramble for 52, 624 registered voters in four Wards- Riana Bogiakumu, Bomorenda, Bomariba.