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ODM plans to abandon the Handshake,accusing the state for intimidation in Boncharia.

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KIsii Governor James Ongwae,ODM general secretary Edwin Sifuna and county Women rep Janet Ongera in past function .

Gusii star team .

Kisii Kenya 14 May 2021………The Orange Democratic Movement has threatened to quit the handshake by accusing the state for intimidation and unlawfully trying to disrupt a peaceful and lawful democratic process in the ongoing campaigns in Bonchari Constituency.

According to the ODM General Secretary Edwin Sifuna they have been insisting to have health competition between handshake partners without necessarily harming it but following the information they are getting that they have been pushed up to the wall and if Matungu By election was the slap on the face Bonchari will definitely bring it to an end.

Addressing the Press on Friday at Kisii sports club the ODM General secretary condemned the incident where its allegedly that armed police officers under the command of the OCP raided Governor James Ongwae’s residence on Thursday evening when Ongwae was having evening tea with Senator Ongeri and Kisii Women rep Janet Ongera .

He added that early in the day the police –wielding guns, truncheons and teargas – stalked the campaign entourage led by Kisii Woman Representative, Hon. Janet Ong’era and brutally dispersed at least four peaceful, townhall meetings and when the MP and leaders asked them to explain why they were unlawfully trying to disrupt a peaceful and lawful democratic process, they said they have instruction from their superiors to do so.

“We will not allow the state to use Government resources in order to intimidate , break our campaigns and most ridiculously break into Governors resident , its shameful as the party we will Never be intimidated by anyone , you will kill us when standing , we will not kneel down to anybody including those called regional Kingpins ” Said Sifuna

Kisii Governor James Ongwae termed the incident as unacceptable in the society since it happened that both Jubilee and ODM had filled candidates and there was no way of one them was to pull back .

The county Boss added that since then they have been campaign with full of intimidation and a lot of problems in the ground including last night when he was having dinner together with Janet Ongera and senator Ongeri when the police officer stormed in claiming that he had a meeting .

“Last evening i was having dinner with Women Rep Janet Ongera , Senator Ongeri in my house unfortunate more than 50 police officer stormed in claiming that i was holding meeting , it real sounded sad to me and to this is country because am not the Governor by accident by elected by People , so what happened is an issue which was said to be instructed by senior office in the ministry of interior “Said Governor Ongwae adding that is not the way things should be done in the democratic world

On his part Kisii county Women representative Janet Ongera said that the team which has been campaigning for ODM has been followed by police officers whenever they are in Bonchari which are always teargassed.

“I want to put it squarely to my brother Fred Matiangi do not misuse your powers, if the state has given your powers use them right and if you have the candidate to support come and campaign door to door as we are doing, secondly i want to ask IEBC why did they set for By election and they can not allow us to do voter mobilization can the returning office tell us. thirdly am demanding the government to tell us why allow the IEBC to set a by election when they knew that there was COvid , we call them to stopn Misusing COVID 19” Said Janet wondering how comes that in other regions campaigns are going on without being disrupted

Kisii senator Professor Ongeri also condemned the act by calling for peaceful election ,adding that he is not stranger in the Government hence called the Authorities to to play their rights full without favoring anybody by giving out an opportunity voters to elect their leader of their choice. .

The leaders have now appealed to the people of Bonchari not to be intimidated and come out in large numbers on 18 and elect their leader.