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Bonchari residents to know their Mp in few hours .

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Voters queue at one of the polling center . [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii Kenya 18 may 2021……….Bonchari mini poll has been conducted amid low turnout claims of voter bribery and complaints by candidates over police harassment and intimidation by security officers as the polling stations has been closed waiting for tallying.

 The day was as busy as it was , some candidates said that there was arrested under mysterious circumstances, terming it unacceptable, noting  that the intimidation was to intimidate voters so that they do not up to vote.

Another candidate, Kevin Mosomi, Party of Democracy Unity ( PDU), who voted at Nyamokenye primary school polling station claimed the heavy presence of security officer had created fear among the electorate

He alleged supporters of some candidates were bribing voters as they headed to the polling stations so that they can vote for them, stressing it negated the principles of democracy,

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate, Teresa Bitutu, who cast her vote at Suneka primary school polling station, said her key campaigner had been arrested.

He said they were concern with police intimidation and not their presence and appealed to Bonchari people not to be coerced to vote a certain individual.

 Youth leader Douglas Ogari also Jubilee agent dismissed bribery allegations against the party saying the party conducted adequate campaign and predicted Opore’s win.

Kenya Social Congress Party candidate, defended heavy police presence in the area, saying they were doing their work and they were not interfering with the election.

Addressing the media he hailed residents for maintaining peace and commended the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ( IEBC) for conducting the elections fairly and transparently.