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Nyamira County ragging behind due to unfocused leaders, says Pro Marwanga.

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Prof. Reuben Marwanga. He has vowed to bring change when elected governor in the 2022 general elections. [By Dan Nyamanga

By Dan Nyamanga

Nyamira Kenya 20 May 2021…………..Nyamira leaders have said the system used in running the county since devolution has led to its downfall in terms of development.

According to Prof. Reuben Marwanga, misplaced priorities, divisive politics are among the key issues dragging the devolved unit behind.

“Our County needs new leadership, new direction and new thinking since the previous nine years have not made any significant change in the lives of the people of Nyamira and yet over Sh. 50 billion has been poured in the county,” Marwanga told journalists in Nyamira town early this week

The gubernatorial hopeful said those in the helm may have tried to take the county to the right direction, “but clearly there is no significant difference has been made”.

Marwanga addressed journalists when he announced his bid for the Nyamira gubernatorial seat on Sunday

“All this means that the leaders are either pursuing wrong priorities or have
absolutely no capacity to make a difference. Either way, we cannot continue this way because we cannot expect different results from the same people again and again,” Marwanga noted.

Marwanga called the county leadership to stay united only for the benefit of the residents who are now suffering as a result of the ongoing wrangles in the county which has undermined development.

“Let me call upon all the current leaders to find ways to work for the people of Nyamira. They do not have to like each other to work together for the good of the people. The current wrangles show complete failure of leadership at all levels and as a result of that, the county operations have been grounded, something that is unacceptable to the people,” he said.