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Leaders defend CS Matiang’i over looming ‘impeachment’.

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Water CS Cecily Kariuki (left) share a moment with DG Joash Maangi during a burial at Bomachoge Borabu yesterday. By Dan Nyamanga)

By Dan Nyamanga.

Gusii leaders have called out at their counterparts from a section of the political divide who have been calling for the impeachment of the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for interior and coordination of national government Dr. Fred Matiang’i on political grounds.

The leaders spoke yesterday in Senta village in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency during the burial of Mama Yunuke Oyagi, mother to Nyandarua County, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Gideon Oyagi Nyandiricha.

Kisii County Deputy Governor (DG) Joash Maangi, took a swipe to those calling on the impeachment of CS Matiang’i terming it a pipe dream and a joke as ‘their son’ was going nowhere.

“Those who are asking for the impeachment of Dr. Matiang’i, we condemn them. We as Gusii don’t want to hear such reckless sentiments.

We can’t allow anybody to touch our son simply because even if you removed him from the seat, can we have another replacement from Gusii region any soon? We will protect him as one of our own”, said Maangi.

Maangi nevertheless noted that CS Matiang’i had his shortcomings which he ought to correct in order to gain full support from his Gusii backyard.

“But you know, even if we say that, if one has gone wrong, the mistake must be pointed out and rebuked.
He (CS Matiang’i) recently facilitated the arrest of our local politicians including MCAs not even sparing me the DG of Kisii County. He’s alleged to have directed over 50 police officers to humiliate and harass our governor James Ongwae, Women representative and Senator Prof. Sam Ongeri from the governor’s house where they had dinner together a head of the Bonchari Constituency by-elections. We show respect to one another.
He’s our son yes but he must also learn to respect the elected leaders who are his leaders. We will protect him because he is our son but also ask him to be careful on what action he takes”, added Maangi amid cheers from mourners.

Nyaribari Masaba Member of Parliament (M.P) Ezekiel Machogu termed the plan of the impeachment as day time dreams noting that, “the CS is one of the most hard working secretaries in the government in the recent history of Kenya and getting rid of him is impossible”.

“Those misguided individuals calling for his removal from office are jokers and the threshold for impeachment requires 2/3 of members of the national assembly ca not be reached.
I can assure that over 90% of the members from the two houses are confident with the work Dr., Matiang’i is doing and we encourage him that he ignores these few elements as he is being fought for his spearheading the president’s big four agenda”, said Machogu.
The burial was also attended by Water CS Cecily Kariuki, Central region commissioner Mr. Wilfred Nyagwanga among other officials from the Interior ministry.

In his face book post ‘Cabinet Secretary gone rogue’, Nyeri Town M.P Ngunjiri Wambugu points out to a CS who he says thinks is untouchable.
“There is one cabinet secretary who somehow thinks he is untouchable. We get insulted here every day as we protect the government he works for, then he thinks he can run over us the way he runs over everyone else.

He will learn that he can’t; even if we have to pool resources with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and make a dealing with him a joint project; since he already also tried to run over them too.

Sometimes you must deal with the ‘crack’, before it brings down the building. We can’t keep allowing some bureaucrats to keep making our politics harder than it already is, or should be”, read post, posted on Friday last week.
This is after the ruling Jubilee Party (JP) lost in Bonchari and Juju parliamentary by-elections on 18th May.