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Resident petitions nomination of Dr. Gesami as DG.

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Dr Gesami

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira Kenya 28 May 2021…….Nyamira County residents will be forced to wait a bit longer to have a Deputy Governor (DG) after the High Court in Nyamira halted the vetting of Dr. James Gesami as DG scheduled for Friday 28th May.

The order was issued on 27th May, hours to DR. Gesami’s vetting by the county assembly’s appointments committee.

A petition challenging Dr. Gesami’s suitability for the post was filed by a resident, Patrick Atambo on 8th March, 2021.

“It’s hereby ordered that the interim conservatory order be and is hereby issued staying the process of nomination and or processing a nominee to the office of a Deputy Governor, County Government of Nyamira pending the hearing and determination of the application”, stated the order.

This could further sink the hopes of the ex-West Mugirango legislature of becoming a deputy governor in the Amos Nyaribo led county government as 2022 general elections draws nearer.

Speaker Moffat Teya, while in an interview in a local vernacular radio station Thursday evening, said that the order found him in surprise as the house and the mandated committee had put everything in place for the exercise.

He however said that he would obey the orders and that later dates will be announced after the hearing and determination of the case on 8th June 2021.
“The order has caught me unawares when my office received it Thursday evening, it’s a surprise to me as everything had been put ready to vet the honorable Dr. Gesami for the DG post. We will have to wait until 8th June to see the determination of the case filed by a resident”, added Teya.

This is the second time Dr. Gesami was going to face the panel of the appointments committee after the first one was unsuccessful as he didn’t present some crucial documents to the committee.