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Why the Abagusii community should be proud of CS Matiang’i

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Cabinet secretary for interior Fred Matiang'i with a section of Nyamira county leaders when he visited Tombe girls high school .

Cs Fred Matiangi with Nyamira women Rep Jerusha Momanyi , kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack Mose at Tombe girls onn Friday .

By Douglas Ogari.

Gusii Kenya 02 June 2021………Since he was appointed as Kenya’s super CS Kisii and Kenya at large has gone through a tremendous facelift.

Understanding well where he comes from and the nature of his people of a hard working community, Matiang’i never wasted his opportunity to embark on major infrastructural development. He embarked on upgrading to bitumen standards and repair of major roads that saw businessmen and women incurr many losses due to the poor standards.

Among the said roads are Nyamira, Nyansiongo, Borabu area, Nyatieko – daraja, Nyamataro- daraja (bi passes).

To ensure the economy of Kisii town operates on a 24 hour economy he ensured that the solar powered street lights that could go off immediately after sunset were replaced with electricity powered streets lights.This boosted the revenues from traders as they could operate for more hours at night making them earn an extra coin that would have otherwise been lost.

No senior Kisii politician has ever managed to inform the head of state to establish a State Lodge in Kisii since independence. There us an economic value that comes with this development project that lay person may dismiss.

Kisii stadium refurbishment and Nyanturago sports academy is a great boost that CS has done to the Kisii community.

This long term projects have longterm economic benefits. The economic value of the sports Academy may not be felt immediately but its return in future will see Kisii becoming a hurb of sportsmen and women. Eldoret town fo example has grown basically due to the boost from the sportsmen and women from the area. Are you seeing what I’m seeing in the near future?

While in the education sector Matiang’i ensured that the Kisii National Institute got elevated to National standards. That means more funding for more development that has seen Kisii National Polytechnic receive major facelifts.

The super CS has enhanced police reforms and infrustructural developments in the country. There are a few cases of Al-shabaab tragetting our men in uniform. Policemen used to live in shacks before Matiang’i. The prison warders used to complain a lot before their salaries were harmonized.

The master who understands his people’s needs knew that what is a major resource for major development. To ensure that people get clean and sufficient water in their households for consumption and other development projects like irrigation, the bulldozer ensured completion of kegati water project and the Funding for the Construction of Bonyunyu Dam in Nyamira

Central Bank of Kenya kisii branch is not a mean achievement from Matiang’i. Kisii town being an epicenter of businesses transactions in Nyanza. This means that the Central Bank branch in Kisii will play a major role of expanding currency supply for financing development plans. The economy of Kisii and neighbouring counties will spontaneously grown very soon.

The super CS understands that for an economy to grow fast it is dependent on the health of labour force. That’s why he negotiated for the Support of funds from the National government to the Kisii Cancer center in collaboration with county government.

The Nyamira agricultural business park can be equated to the one in Israel. It will ensure food sufficient as it takes advantage of the region’s rich soils for agriculture produce and exports. It will also ensure young people are absorbed to gainful employment in their productive age.

While people may wish to compare whether has done with the likes of Raila or Ruto what they always forget to factor in is the time period all these people have served.

Matiang’i has served not as a prime minister nor as a deputy president with full powers and authority rather he has served as a a super CS without full power and authority.

Had he full power and Authority even for a month or years like the aforementioned leaders i.e Raila and Ruto, Kisii Kenya would have been a Singapore.

Instead of fighting him let’s give the president his excellence Uhuru Kenyatta another Matiang’i and Kisii will be a haven of social, political and economic reform.

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