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New tea directors locked out of accessing factories.

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Newly KIamokama tea factory elected Directors. [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii Kenya o6 June 2021………….The new Tea directors who are believed to bring reforms in tea sector have not accessed office for two months after they were elected .

Speaking to Gusii star at Kiamokama Tea factory, The new directors led by Richard Obino Nyagwachi said that they have been coming to the factory to take over the mandate but they have been encountering some difficulties from the management and their predecessors of working in cahoots with factory unit managers to deny them access.

According to Obino they have been coming to the factory severally ,unfortunately the management has not been attending them.

“We have been coming here and the unit manager had been saying that he will not meet us till he gets instructions from Nairobi. It is a difficult situation when we cannot talk to the factory management and get briefs,” said Obino.

Mr Obino, added that it seems that cartels are determined to lock them out and continue running the show claiming that former directors are still meeting in hotels, but they will continue fighting until they restore the farmers lost glory.

About the Farmers he said that they are bitter when they see new board of directors not accessing the Factory to set up the structures which can restore their glory.

Another Director Stephen Mochoge supported chairman’s sentiments by adding that they will ensure that the farmers choice is respected as they elected them to present them.

” We are not fighting our predecessors, we are here only to represent the farmers who elected us ” Amisi said

They have petitioned the government to kick out their predecessors.  

Elections were held following the March 12 executive order directing the Tea Board of Kenya to sanction polls in all tea factories.