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Guidance and Counseling handbook launched

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Dr Charles Tinega the author of Guidance and counseling book displaying the book assisted by Kisii county Chief Officer for Trade Mengo ochangwi after the launch [ Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori.

.Guidance and Counseling handbook launched which has captured ways to end Depression . suicide incidents .

.The book is authored by Dr Charles Intabo Tinega and it was launched in Kisii recently.

Kisii Kenya 08 June 2021……….. Sober approach to depression, suicide incidents, Covid 19 among other challenges have been captured in Guidance of Counseling; A Handbook for Teachers and Students.

The book is authored by Dr Charles Intabo Tinega and it was launched in Kisii recently.

Speaking to Gusii Star during the launch at Gusii cultural hall, Dr Tinega noted that there are many challenges which need to be addressed and the book was making a contribution in finding solutions.

“I wrote this book after seeing many challenges our people are going though more special in the mind. This has made some to committee suicide and drop out school.

The challenges have also caused family break ups,” he said.

He said that the book will bring lasting solution to these challenges.

Dr Tinega has spent many years giving Guidance and counseling in schools and universities alongside teaching.

He has rich experience from his interactions with parents, teachers and students.

He said that he saw it good to put the information on paper after getting good response that whatever he was doing was benefiting his clients.

Kisii County Chief Officer in charge of Markets, Trade and Tourism, Mengo Ochwangi, who was the chief guest urged Kenyans to embrace the culture of writing and reading books to share knowledge, skills and experiences.

This, Mengo said, will help them improve their lives and those of others.

Mengo added that Kenyans are facing challenges whose solutions can be shared through books.