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School from hell, daring MoE guidelines sending away pupils for underperforming

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By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira Kenya .22 June 2021…..Alima primary school academy in Masaba North sub county is on the spot for alleged expulsion of pupils, who the management termed as slow learners and did not achieve the set pass mark.

The school, oblivious of the risks it was exposing itself to had sent away, 10 standard seven, pupils by Monday 21st June who are in their third term.

Alarm was raised by furious and confused parents who reached the media to air their dissatisfaction with the school’s decision to send their children away, against the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) guidelines.

Lydiah Makori whose class seven son was affected in the expulsion said that she was sent a text message from the school’s head informing her to look for an alternative school since he (son) did not ‘measure the last chance given to him’.

The single mother of four and whose three children schools at the institution wondered why the management was too unfair to his son even after he has repeated the class willingly to boost his marks.

“I sat with my son and agreed that he should repeat in class seven because his marks were low. To me, he has registered an improvement and I don’t think it’s fair he be forced the school to repeat the class again. This is against the law and it is disappointing the boy and others affected children”, said Lydiah.

When journalists arrived at the school Monday afternoon, Lydiah and many other parents were still stranded at the school gate with their children, having come to pick them according to the school’s directive through the text message.

A text message sent to parents seen by Gusii star read, “the boy never measured the last chance he was given. So was to inform you to look for an alternative or to repeat”.

George Magiya, the proprietor of the school did not spare the members of the press when they sought his opinion on the matter.

The visibly rude and arrogant man refused to have a chat with them in his office and instead chose to do it at the corner of the school compound under a tree on an open ground.

He said he was not aware of whatever that was going on in his school and instead blamed his competitor in the business industry for witch hunt, ignorantly.

Mr. Magiya, a retired teacher asked for time to investigate the matter even after he watched parents walk out of the school compound with their children and their belonging.

When Gusii star reached the County Director of Education (CDE) Ms. Margaret Mwirigi over the issue, she said, “the MoE banned repeating in schools and whoever is doing that is practicing an illegality. Repeating should only be allowed if the pupil or students voluntarily agrees and should be in writing. Sending them away is now worse. The management must rectify the mess before its tool late. It’s illegal and the proprietor is inviting problems”.