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Okioma :Am determined to unite and economically empower Nyamira

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By Gilbert Kobi

Nyamira Kenya 26 June 2021….A DAY after unveiling his 2022 Gubernatorial running mate in the name of Hon.Dr.Charles Nyandusi Motanya Nyamira County 2022 Gubernatorial frontrunner Hon.Dr.Mwancha Okioma has moved in to reassure his supporters that he is determined to unite and economically empower all Nyamira Couny constituents and investors irrespective of their origin and position in society.

Dr.Okioma who in 2017 became the second runners-up in the race of Governorship maintained that he is best suited to occupy the County CEO post to restore order and sanity

Dr.Okioma’s comment comes hot in the heels of a regime presided over by Governor Amos Nyaribo of which has seen the entire leadership embroiled in chaos and equally credited with high pockets of zero development.

“All of us can see for themselves that our County is headed in the wrong direction. We have witnessed squabbles and unnecessarily wars waged between the County executive and the Assembly.This under table moves have greatly painted our region in a negative way and further demoted our investor confidence.

All this coupled with a know it all by both sides of the leadership has seen our people miss our developmental targets”, said Dr.Okioma adding that, projects funded by tax payers money of which the two leadership should approve and pass should not be delayed because of personal and selfish interests of leaders”.

My running mate and I have the required hands on experience to help this drowning County. We should not make a mistake come 2022. We have all learned a tough lesson.” He said.

Okioma who has since settled on a learned and result oriented West Mugirango son, Dr.Charles Nyandusi as running-Mate* has left his competitors guessing and wobbling on their next move as time to the next General Elections nears.

The choice of a scholar in the name of Dr.Nyandusi has since forcefully sent his wobbling competitors back to the political drawing.

And by settling on Dr.Nyandusi, the aspiring Governor and orator Dr.Mwancha Okioma has literally and politically elevated the Bosamaro Clan which has in the recent past had only a Senator, Senior Council Hon.Okong’o Omogeni.

The region has had a record of being assumed by the current County leadership which has so far not seen the importance of rewarding competency but embracing nepotism and clanism in awarding employment and contractual opportunities .

The position of the Deputy Governor therefore means, the region which is beliefed to be endowed with high-tech brains academically, will now have one of their own as number two in the Counties decision making table after 2022.

Political pundits nationally have hailed the combination of the two brainy doctors saying it is among the best duo which will help in jumpstarting the stalled development agenda of the entire County now under the sleepy and flight mode of Amos Nyaribo,

Governor Nyaribo got luckily elevated to the coveted seat of which he deserved not through

Governor Nyagarama’s death which was orchestrated by COVID-19 complications.

Since his death, Nyaribo has had sleepless nights and remained wobbling haphazardly on matters leadership.

His incapability in leadership has since invited political wrangles and theatrics between him and the Assembly Speaker Hon.Moffat Teya Brigade.

This has continuously derailed passage of key agendas of Government in the Assembly’s floor.

Dr.Okioma who is stable, healthy, Sober and with hands on experience on matters development is an Agriculturalist and has a keen eye on the general Kenyan farmer.

This qualities coupled with his clean and highly regarded academic record prompted President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint him to be the Executive Chairman of the Commodities Fund so that he can use his expertise to assist the Kenyan farmer Nationally,a position he has executed exemporally well ..

On the other hand, Dr.Nyandusi is equally an academic Giant who has the teacher and children interest close to his heart.

Nyamira County has two resource to brag of since she does not have any industry. Land and Educaion.

Despite education having been a devolved function, the Counties Ecde is at its knees.

Land is scarce. The two Doctors will become the County’s saviour on matters developments.

Already Kitutu Masaba constituents have embraced the duo,, West Mugirango has equally done so. North Mugirango and Borabu Constituents say it is the way to go.

Nyamira will now be under lock and key with the two professionals taking over come 2022.

It will also be an added advantage to several professionals who have been ignored albeit their shining records on matters academics prowess.