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Okengo ,police commander hailed for helping homeless family

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By Elizabeth and Brighton

Kisii Kenya 1 July 2021..…Ahomeless family of ten in Nyagenke Village ,Magenche Ward, Bomachoge Borabu Constituency are happy after wellwishers chiped in to support them .

The family has been spending cold nights in a temporary shed after their hut was demolished by natural disaster.

Speaking to Gusii star Henry Nyabuto the father of ten ,said he is languishing from poverty which for many years as led him not to afford even basic needs.

Mr Nyabuto said that he has been struggling in life without even asking help from neighbours for having it in mind that at neighbours he will not get permanent help adding that since the outbreak of covid 19 paralysed him more.

“I used to do casual work, but since the guidelines of ministry of Health to work from home, I was forced now to stay at home,”he said

The family now has hailed wellwishers who have voluntarily offered to assist him to have shelter , clothes and food .

Led By senatorial Candidate Okengo Nyambane foundation group they said that they will ensure that the family have small business for sustainability.

Mr Okengo added that his obligation is to provide better places for others to live in.

“At this era it’s inhuman to see the innocent children staying in cold nights,”he said noting that such issues should be addressed

They youthful candidate added that there si need of having leaders with ambitions of eradicating poverty .

Kisii County commander Francis Kooli also visited the family by noting that they were touched as by the story on how the family is suffering hence made an effort of supporting them.

“I went to visit this family to see that if there is enough security ,our role is to protect the children from harmful criminals of which might take advantage of their problem,”Kooli said.

The county commander said that it’s good to give back to the community by calling upon other well wishers to chip in and assist the family .

The County Commander and his team donated Ksh 80,000.

Construction of the houses as kicked off as the family pleads for more support .

Okengo Nyambane foundation has supported a number of vulnerable families in the Kisii Community.

Residents who were interviewed by our reported hailed them by saying that it is a good gesture from the leaders .

“it is our first time to seen leaders coming to assist one of us, it’s good gesture since we have seen that if given an opportunity to lead us they will do more to our society “said mokaya mogoi