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Family full of Joy as Police commander and Okengo Nyambane complete building them houses .

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Team Okengo addressing the media

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii Kenya 12 July 2021…….A family from Nyagenge village ,Bomachoge Borabu in Kisii county have a reason to smile after National police service and Senatorial Candidate Okengo Nyambane complete building for them three houses .

This comes after the story was highlighted by the media showing how the family used to spend their nights outside after their glass roofed house collapsed due to heavy rains.

Speaking during the handing over,Kisii   County Police Commander Francis Kooli said that building of the houses to the family was the best gesture of showing humanity and giving back to the community .

after seeing the posts of a ketch being aired in the media I was touched since the family was living in a pathetic state in the cold weather, it touched me and gifting this family a house was a special gift for them, “Said Kooli adding that by doing so they have protects the lives which is one of the core values of the police

He noted with the help of Okengo Nyambane they pulled resources together and they were able to build three houses for the family. 

On the same note Okeng’o Nyambane Foundation team said that they will continue supporting people in the society as one way of eradicating poverty .

Okengo who has been in front line assisting the community in building iron houses and do away with grass touched houses added that building Nyabuto houses was a good gesture not only to the family but to the entire village of Nyagenge .

Building of this houses is one way of putting a smile and hopeful future to the community by making a world better place , we will continue doing so and see that we have eradicated poverty in our region “said team Okengo

They added that the gratitude shown by the well wishers in helping the family have a roof should be embraced by everyone in humanity project.

we call upon everyone to extend a helping hand in needy cases where they can because this is the essence of life, “Said team Okengo

On their part Mzee Nyabuto and Josephine hailed the wellwishers who were touched and went to their pocket to assist them .

Moraa said that being a mother it was shameful for her to sleep in that shed, something she wouldn’t expect to happen in her life.

“I vow that I will be going to Church and worship, if it was not my God who has done it,I would not be in a position to have this new houses,”she said