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Muslims celebrate Eid al Adha at homes due to Covid 19, as Tuana Yaren Foundation boasts them.

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By Brighton Makori .

Kisii Kenya 20 July 2021.….Kisii county Muslims celebrated Eid Al Adha in a special way despite covid19 containment measures in place barring them from worshipping at mosques.

The Muslims affiliated to Nubia mosque under construction  marked  the  day at their homes where they slaughtered goats as they shared with the needy.

Led by Ismael Babala,the chairman of the mosque project said they respected the government’s health protocols on covid19 by keeping off the mosques but called the government to open the mosques so that they can gather considering that Covid 19 has curved .

” Because of Covid 19 we have done our celebrations at our homes unlike other days when we used to meet at the mosque, however we call upon the government to consider allowing the Muslims to congregate at their  respective mosques for prayers when the  national graph rate for  the pandemic curved ” Babala said

In another had the chief executive officer, Tuana Yaren Foundation Hussein Obondi Mogusu said through its sponsorship widows,orphans and the elderly benefited by receiving donations including meal packages.Io

Speaking to Gusii star at Nubia during the celebrations he said ,the Foundation  funded by the Turkish government also has implemented charity projects for the vulnerable in the Nubian community and Nyanchwa estate in Kisii town.

Today we have joined hand in hand to celebrate this day ,as the foundation we have been doing this by sponsoring such programs in the society, ” stated    Hussein