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Water vendor unable to pay sh 2 Million to secure discharge of daughter, appeals for help.

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Gusii star .

Kisii Kenya 20 July 2021………It has been up and down for the family of four years old Faith Moraa who for the past two years has been hailing from what was later discovered to be a brain tumour after several hospital visits.

Stephen Misoka, who pushes a handcart to sell clean water to various customers in Kisii Town and his wife Christine Moragwa frequently took their first born daughter to hospital with frequent complaints of headaches and dizziness which sometimes resulted in her fainting.

Misoka told Gusii star that her daughter has been admitted at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital for the last six months after undergoing an operation to remove the brain tumour and had spent almost five months in the Intensive Care Unit before being transferred to the general ward.

“It has not been easy for me since I depend on my water vending business to provide for my family which has been disrupted with the frequent visits to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital to check on the progress of my daughter and attend to emerging needs for a better part of this year,” said Misoka.

He said that he has been forced to take care of his two years old daughter at home with his wife taking care of their eldest daughter at the County Referral Hospital for the last two months forcing him to juggle between his water selling business and managing his house and visiting the hospital daily.

Misoka said that he was recently informed that his daughter who is also partially paralysed is ready to be discharged to recuperate at home as they make visits to the hospital for physiotherapy sessions but he has to pay a Sh 2 million hospital bill accrued for the last six months.

He said that already around Sh 130,000 of his personal earnings and savings has been spent for his daughter’s treatment and he does not know where he will get the Sh 2 million required to have Moraa a allowed to go home as they continue with her treatment regimen.

“What even worries me the most is that my daughter is not fully healed since we were informed that if her condition does not turn out for the better we may be forced to take her to India for further treatment yet I am not able to pay for the hospital bill that we have currently,” said Misoka.

The family which hails from Riosiri in South Mugirango Constituency is currently at crossroads not knowing what to do since they still have a long journey to go in their efforts to ensure that their first born daughter is on her feet and able to interact with children her age which she is not able to do now.

He showed our reporter a letter from the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital confirming that her daughter was admitted at the facility in the care of doctors at the ICU with the projected huge hospital bill required to be cleared if at all they want to have their daughter at home.

Misoka said that he will only be able to lead his life normally once he sees his daughter and wife reunited with him at home something that can only be possible if he gets help to clear the outstanding medical bill which is beyond his family income.

You can reach Stephen Misoko through 0799019546 .