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Maangi believes he has all it takes to be the next Governor of Kisii county.

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Kisii county deputy Governor Joash Maangi at his office .

Kisii county Deputy Governor JOash Maangi addressing the press in his office , in the past [photo Brighton Makori/gusii star]

.Politicians warm up to succeed Governor Ongwae in 2022.

.Political leaders are busy organizing their political bigwings.

.Maangi believes he has all it takes to be the next Governor of Kisii county

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii Kenya 23 July 2021………….As the country is planning for the next general election, Kisii county gubernatorial seat has attracted many candidates.

The candidates have show interest to succeed Governor James Ongwae who has served for two terms as per the constitution.

By now it not clear who Governor Ongwae will endorse to take over from him.

Ongwae has served his two terms with Joash Maangi as his deputy.

Maangi has declared to suit in the shoes of his boss when he vacates the office next year.

According to Maangi who hails from Bamachoge Chache, he has all it takes to be the next governor since he understands the system better, having been the pioneer Deputy Governor for two terms .

He also believes that he will have at least ¾ support of Kisii county workers.

He believes the workers will vote in his favor.

He will also be keen on matrix of getting his running mate, taking into consideration the expanse of the county and the voting dynamics.

For instance, if he picks his running mate from Nyaribari or Kitutu which has 136,783 voters and 109,682 respectively he will get some votes regarding how strong the running mate will be.

This will need him to team up with a women representative candidate from Bonchari which has 52,624 registered voters, and a senatorial candidate from Bobasi or South Mugirango with 89,310 votes and 67,345 respectively.

This will also add him advantage without forgetting the Political vehicle he will be using.

Maangi who has been a loyal friend to Deputy President William Ruto but is elected through ODM still balances between the two.

It is not clear which side will favor him come 2022.

In 2016 before general elections were held in 2017, he decamped from ODM to join Jubilee party where he tried to popularize famous Obomo Bwomogusii (Gusii unity).

He later joined Ongwae which led them to win for the second time.

In the recent by election done in Kisii, ODM party strongly won all the seats through the efforts of Governor Ongwae.

The recent one was the Bonchari by election.

If Ongwae decides to support Maangi in 2022, it will be a plus to him.

Other candidate who have show interest include CAS infrastructure and roads Christopher Mogere Obure from Bobasi, Dagoreti South MP Simba Arati from Bobasi, Rachel Otundo Nyaribari, Nyaribari Masaba Member Parliament Ezekiel Ombaki Machogu, Kenya Social Congress party leader Manson Oyongo, Kisii Women rep Janet Ongera, Kitutu Chache South Mp Richard Momoima, former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara, Senator Prof Sammy Ongeri among others.

In 2017 the seat attracted more than 8 candidates.

Ongwae beat them by garnering 206,164 votes against Chris Obure who polled 110,164 votes.

According to IEBC data of 2017, Kisii County has got 546,580 registered voters with 1,126 polling stations in the 9 constituencies.

The votes are spread as follows: Bonchari has 52,624, South Mugirango 67,345, Bomachoge Borabu 49,081, Bobasi 89,310, Bomachoge Chache 41,745, Nyaribari Chache 77,729, Nyaribari Masaba, 59,064 , Kitutu Chache South 59,017 and Kitutu Chache North 50,665.