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Questions as couple is burnt to death in mysterious fire in Kisii

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 By Gilbert Kobi

Kisii Kenya 30 July 2021 .Mystery surrounds the killing of a couple in a fire incident at Itumbe, Kisii County

Police are investigating arson as the most probable cause of the fire that killed retired teacher Moruri Mogoa and his wife Florence who was a headteacher at Gekongo SDA in the area. 

Their charred remains were found in their house on Thursday morning after a fire ravaged the house. They were the only people inside as their children had gone to school the previous day.

The two bought a piece of land and settled there and they have been living well without any problem with the villagers.

Relatives of the deceased said Mogoa rushed from a funeral he was attending at in his home village in South Mugirango the previous day to attend to visitors who were waiting for him at Itumbe. 

We attended the funeral at home with my brother and he left telling me there were visitors he would have liked to meet at his home as soon as possible”, said his brother who is a principal at a local school. 

It was the last time he saw him alive. 

Sources indicate that Mogoa was living in fear and was allegedly being threatened by among others local police over unclear reasons. He had also tried to get justice over the threats in vain. 

He had even gone to local journalists to tell them his problems but this did not help. He died a miserable man,” said a family friend

Mogoa was the local community policing chair and had been threatened by a local police officer who many believe would help unravel the fire tragedy. 

He had made several reports to Itumbe police Station over threats to his life from a police officer.

He was elected to be the community chair of the area to curb the house thefts that had increased and the crimes had gone down since he took over a year ago according to the villagers.

Journalists also say he made several efforts to access justice over the threats and explained himself as a troubled man over a car he bought and after reporting the car went missing.

“It’s the issue surrounding the car sale business  that the broker is said to have sided with the police in and the said interference to police station’s work of sweeping out illicit brew”, said Christine Oywayo another villager who said that even there was several OBs at the station.

She challenged local police officers to be open about it. 

Mogoa is also said to have had a damning report on how security agents at the station are working with cartels to violently rob, embrace illicit brew and are involved in other forms of crime. 

He had pictures of vehicles’ number plates  transporting illegal drugs with police help while giving an enabling environment for thugs to antagonize villagers.

Sources say he also had with him names of police officers who are aiding illicit businesses.

The deceased’s daughter Irene  seemingly recorded her voice to the media and according her his father had received several threatening messages from one police officer that she knows and that he had sworn that the moment he will be on duty that will be the end of him.

“My father had earlier complained severally over threats to his life and we advised him and our mother to relocate to our maternal home”, lamented her daughter stating that before her late father died the said policeman threatened him directly.

She added she believes the father was killed by people known to him for the reasons he had expressed fears over his life. And she wants justice. 

But according to the Kisii county commissioner Allan Machari the house had a lot of gas cylinders and they with his security team found the shell of the cylinder that might have exploded.

“Let is stop speculations of an arson attack to the deceased and let my investigating team examine the root cause of the such an occurance”, he said. .

The remains of the two were taken to Kisii teaching and referral hospital mortuary as the villagers remained shocked as the termed the couple as friendly people.

“Mwalimu used to wake up in the morning escort her wife to school and after that goes to Kisii town where he used to come back having one of the daily newspapers and we share”, said one of locals Joseph Mosoti who termed the incident as agonizing to the whole villagers.

Mogoa is said to have taken her daughter who joined form one to school with her wife the day before their death.

Angry villagers called on the interior security cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i to come and help them from the agony they have been undergoing in the hands of the police saying that the police post is just 600 meters from the scene of crime yet they never responded. 

Meanwhile the Kisii county security team has embarked on investigations on what may have been the foundation of the burning.

Police want to know how and why Mogoa’s body was found in the kitchen and that of his wife in the bedroom. 

Source who sought enormity said key suspects are three police officers who are known to locals and the late Mogoa’s team of community policing. 

“They have been fighting this man for long since he had fought to stop theft and violence  in this area ,we had earlier asked Matiangi to intervene and transfer the overstaying officers in the station”, one residents said seeking that the said suspects own bars and drug selling joints at the shopping center.