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Leaders continue eulogizing Engineer Kimori.

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The Eng. Peter Maranga Kimori I knew – By Douglas Ogari

Kisii Kenya 2August 2021………When his name cropped up as a possible running mate to deputise Governor James Ongwae in the 2017 general election, the Bomachoge tiger was back again to the gubernatorial fold threatening Kisii County pioneer deputy Governor Joash Maangi who was undecided whether to deputise Ongwae or to run for the Bomachoge Chache parliamentary position. Nobody knew that the humble intellectual from Igorera in Bombaba would later hit the nation’s headlines as far as running NASA’s parallel tallying centre in 2017.

However, Eng. Kimori was not the first Bomachoge figure to be in the county matrix discussion table after Prof. Zadock Ogutu tried his gubernatorial stab back in 2013, Bridgit Ombati almost won the 2013 Women Representative seat and its current senior most leader Deputy Governor Joash Maangi. Though, Bomachoge history dates back to the year 1988 when we had figures like Zedekiah Mekenye Magara and later we would have Ferdinand Ondabu Obure, Zephaniah Mogunde Nyang’wara, Joel Onyancha and Simon Ogari.


Kimori was defiant to the end in his support and loyalty to Raila Odinga; maybe his loyalty can be compared to Evans Ontegi, the Chairman of Orange Democratic Movement in Kisii County, Stephen Onsomu Nyarangi, who serves as political advisor to Kisii Governor James Ongwae and National Treasurer of ODM, Timothy Bosire.

Eng. Kimori’s loyalty to Raila Odinga was evident by the former Premier’s choice of words during the Bomachoge 2014 by- election, “Dear great people of Bomachoge Bobaru, you are not voting for my friend Eng. Kimori in this by election but voting for me as Raila Odinga. Look at me well; if Kimori wins, I have won & if he fails, I have failed.” said an excited Raila who was accompanied by Chris Obure, the then Kisii Senator and his then region’s pointman.

Senator Christopher Mogere Obure on his side asked Bomachoge Borabu residents to vote for a leader who will perfectly and fairly represent their interests while drumming support for Eng. Peter Kimori Maranga. Women Representative Mary Otara, Governor James Ongwae and Siaya Senator James Orengo were also present.


Kimori’s strategic networks accross the nation and Africa as a whole helped him get various opportunities which he genuinely gave his constituents in form of scholarships, donations and philanthropy. He could be frequently be seen photographed with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Despite their political rivalry, Eng. Kimori were best friends with Eng. Nyaundi, this was seen by nitheir business partnership locally in Kenya and in Africa particularly South Sudan, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

His appointment as CEC Water and Environment by Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero substantiated this hard fact. His love for his engineering profession could see him hang out with his colleague, Dr. Arch. Daniel Manduku Former KPA Managing Director, who is now vying for the Nyaribari Masaba parliamentary seat. To show unity of Omomachoge, Eng. Simon Ogari and Eng. Albert Nyaundi were conspicuously present in his inaugration ceremony as the CEC of Water and Environment in Nairobi County Government.


It was not until the general election in the year 2013 that the Bomachoge Borabu duly elected Member of Parliament Hon.ppp0 Joel Omagwa Onyancha knew that the election petition spirits had specifically come to haunt him and destroy his political career. After Onyancha defeated his close competitor with around 424 votes, Kimori petitioned and there was a by election the subsequent year (2014). Joel Onyancha would win with similar votes (around 400). Kimori’s supporters have always attributed his loss to little known Eng. Josiah Onkundi Maaga who got 400 votes in the hotly contested by election hence dividing Bombaba’s votes.

For the starters, Eng. Simon Ogari had pulled a fast one on Joel Onyancha after the 2007 election that Onyancha had been declared winner. This was before the division of Bomachoge constituency to Bomachoge Borabu and Bomachoge Chache. Simon Ogari won the 2009 by election, two years later after the general election sending Onyancha back to the cold.

To throw Hon. Joel Onyancha into the political dustbin, Eng. Kimori shelved his ambitions in 2017 to support Prof. Zadock Ogutu who now defeated Joel Onyancha, who would later die a year later. Political analysts say that it was Eng. Peter Kimori’s calculative strategy that sent Joel Omagwa Onyancha to the political oblivion.


Kimori’s death has left the scramble for Bomachoge Borabu Constituency parliamentary seat come 2022 in the hands of Eng. Albert Nyaundi, who is a front runner followed by the incumbent Hon. Prof. Abel Zadock Ogutu and little known James Oino from Magenche. Bomachoge is still at limbo following community’s recent political activities that crowned Wilfred Riang’a as the community’s spokesman.

The race has also attracted new entrants like DCC Oyagi Nyandiricha, Dr. Philip Nyanumba, Principal Albert Ombiro, Donald Mogoi, Joseph Nyamora and the little known Ezekiel Osiemo from Bokione clan. Its not yet clear whether youth leader Esther Anyieni Okenyuri who is a grand daughter to powerful Member of Parliament Zephaniah Anyieni is contesting for the seat. The big question now remains whether the Bombaba critical vote will wholesomely go to Onderi Ontweka or Eng. Josiah Onkundi Maaga will rise to claim his vote again after the demise of former Nairobi County Water and Environment CEC Eng. Peter Kimori Maranga.

Rest in Peace Eng. Peter Kimori Maranga.