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Kisii gubernatorial seat gains momentum.

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By Gusii star .


.Kisii Kenya 06 July …….If walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, wacks like a duck, its definitely a duck.


Before dust settles, the Bogetutu and Bobasi clans seems to have made up their unity on the gunernatorial battle in the year 2022.

On one side is the vocal Kitutu Chache South MP, Richard Onyonka, who has humbled himself before Abagetutu since 2013 when he stepped down for Governor James Ongwae’s gubernatorial ambitions and subsequently 2017 too, to be supported in 2022.

There seems to be no mix-ups as the father of Gusii politics, who is also the Kitutu Chache constituency MP Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi, is there to protect the Omogetutu agreement from invasion by greedy individuals.

On the other side is Chris Obure and Kengere Manoti whose experience in Bobasi politics is second to none.


The Obure of 1983 is the Obure of 2021 whose political paraphernalia runs deep in Kisii County residents like a virus.

Hate him or like him; he says what he means and means what he says, talking straight and hitting the nail straight on the road, not bothered about public relations stunts.

Many expected him to fight Hon. James Ongwae, the Kisii County Governor after the 2017 electoral theft but Obure, who had campaigned and fully financed James Elvis Ongwae in 2013 kept his cool empowering Kisii county residents in his role as Assistant Minister of roads.


For the starters, it was Zachary Onyonka who initiated the Kebirigo declaration that was a strong political ideology that stood for independence of each constituency in Kisii against Nyachae’s manipulation.

Dr. ZacharyOnyonka, marshalled Andrew Omanga, Chris Obure and David Onyancha to assert authority and legitimacy of each member of parliament who sought to reject Nyachae’s dominance.

This was 1988, over 32 years ago when both dust and water had not settled.

One wonders, how powerful he is now, after three and half decades with the experience he has got from Gusii politics.

Its not a secret that he has influenced most Members of Parliament and members of County Assembly be elected directly and/or indirectly with a direct beneficiary being Hon. Alfa Miruka, the Bomachoge Chache Constituency legislator.


Mogere Obure’s political relationship with Kengere Manoti has been frenemy-style, such that it has experienced a multi-faceted mixed approach; with the two trouncing each other in Bobasi political for three decades.

Manoti, a soft-spoken but outgoing politician from Nyabite who is a banker-cum-accountant by profession is a prominent businessman with large investments in the hotel industry, real estate and transport spheres while the Boigesa bred footballer cum political iroko Chris Obure whose development record in Bobasi during his term as MP and Gusii during his terms as Minister speaks for itself.

He will be remembered for building various schools and medical facilities in Bobasi i.e. Suguta, Nyamokenye, Motonto maternity wing, Kenyoro, Sugubo, Gionsaria, Maji Mazuri, Nyamware, Nyamache and Nyangusu just to mention but a few.

During his tenure as minister, he brought a lot of development that endears him close to the people.

Obure first captured the then Majoge Bassi constituency elections in 1983 through a KANU ticket and was re-elected in 1988.

Stephen Manoti trounced him five years later in 1992 under a Ford Kenya ticket.

But five years later, Obure recaptured the seat under a KANU ticket but the Gusii Ford People wave in 2002 couldn’t spare Obure as Manoti recaptured the seat again.

Through Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Obure again recaptured the 2007 seat under the Orange Democratic Movement Party ticket.

Come 2013, Obure graduated to county politics and vied for Senatorial post as he left the seat for Kengere Manoti.

The two have been friends since 2013 to date and are likely to influence majority of Bobasi votes come 2022.


Just like his father Zachary Onyonka dethroned Lawrence Sagini, the first Cabinet Minister from Kisii, in 1969 to become the member of parliament of Kitutu West constituency, his son, Richard Momoima, too dethroned Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi in 2007 to become the Kitutu Chache Member of Parliament giving both Angwenyi and James Ongwae, who was then a political toddler a resounding defeat.

However, after the 2013 electoral review, Kitutu Chache was hived into two constituencies, North and South giving Jimmy Angwenyi a loop hole again to return to parliament.

Onyonka and Jimmy have since stuck together politically and their resolve to unite Omogetutu has a very big impact politically.

This fact was demonstrated by their wholehearted support for James Ongwae, their clanmate’sw gubernatorial ambitions in the year 2013.

Fast forward, Hon. Richard Onyonka, Hon. Jimmy Angwenyi, Hon. Chris Obure and Hon. Stephen Manoti brings experience into the team evens as tongues keep wagging and guessing on their next political move.

Indeed, 2022 will be a sight to behold with such a heavy magnitude meeting that brings together the four political icons of Gusii uniting two rich region’s political blocks.