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Momoima to continue engaging with leaders across the county aiming to unite Omogusii.

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Kitutu Chache south Richard Momoima sharing aword with Nyaribari Masaba Mp Ezekiel Machogu .

By Leighton Osinde.

Kisii Kenya2021……Kitutu chache South member of parliament Richard Momoima Onyonka has said he will continue engaging with other leaders across the county in a bid to unite Omogusii community. 

Speaking during the burial of the late principal Jackeline siro at Bogusero Mosocho in his constituency on Friday , Momoima defended his separate meetings with Hon. Ezekiel Machogu, Chris Obure among other leaders by saying that he is focused of ensuring that the community works together a head of the coming General election .

The lawmaker noted that they must sit and talk which will result in producing the best candidate who is going to take the kisii county to another level after Governor James Ongwae’s term expires .

He added that he will meet other aspirants like Prof. Sam Ongeri so as to unite Omogusii in readiness for next years gubernatorial and National elections and that’s one opportunity of knowing each other .

In the same noted he warned other constituencies that if they will not agree to produce one Candidate it will be a mess for them but an opportunity to Abagetutu to again take the mantel .

“Have been saying this and let me repeat .if you are not going to agree and come with One candidate , automatically we will take over ,so it’s hight time for the leaders to agree whom they will support “he said

For instance Momoima said that if Bobasi cannot agree and settle to one person who will go for the seat between Current women Rep Janet Ongera,CAS Chris obure ,Daggoreti MP Simba Atari and Nyaberi lumumba as also applies to other areas Automatically Bogetutu will come out with resolutions which will lead them to take over again .

The Ford Kenya Deputy party leader also urged residents to respect other leaders and give them time to sell out their manifestoes as they are all free to visit all parts of kisii county and even do benchmarking

On his side,Nyaribari Mp Hon. Ezekiel Machogu who also attended the funeral ,said he will work with Richard Onyonka and Kitutu clan in the next elections for an assured victory.