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Nyabururu girls continues to shine under Principal Joyce orioki’s leadership.

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Kisii Kenya 18 August 2021 ………They always say that in any institution where there is good governance, always there is positive achievements .

On our daily spot check we decided to focus At Nyabururu girls high school which is in Kitutu central ward ,Kitutu chache south ,kisii county followings it’s milestone under the albe leadership of Madam principal Joyce Orioki for the little time she has been in the school.

Gusii star has established that there is great improvement in both academic and infrastructure. The school has been recording positive deviation having the Mean grade of 7.5 in the last KCSE results from 5.6 previously .

Following the good performance the number of the students joing the university raised from 142 to 346 .

Other achievements the schools has been able to have include Improved discipline which has enabled good cooperation between teachers and students hence resulting good performance.

About security the school now had a perimeter wall fencing which has enhanced or protected students from sneaking out of school or the predators coming to school through panya route .

Built a modern borehole, as opposed to going to the river by Nyabururu girls far away in Gesonso is also a milestone which has covered the wasted time when young girls used to go and fetch water from rivers.

Under the leadership of Orioki we are informed that the school bought Solar Panel to service machines and water pumping and built 14 staff units that weren’t existent to accomodate staff .

Other achievements include Built storeyed St. Fatima Hostel to accommodates 480 girls as opposed to sharing of beds by girls,Built laboratory storeyed cum class room block,Built 4 modern storeyed hostel of 600 capacity by school savings.

It has also emerged that the principal has managed to Pay all 63 million shillings school debts she got when she came in 2018 using savings.

Hence Nyabururu Girls under Madam Joyce Orioki should be declared a benchmarking centre for all high schools of Excellence in Gusii and Nyanza.

The community at large and stakeholders has been urged to support the school .

And if there are some Cartels who want to make the school a milking spree should give madam Joyce Orioki time to develop the school and make it a centre of excellence.