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Overstretched facilities in learning institutions a major concern.

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Nyakongo Boys High School photo courtesy

Osinde Leighton.

Nyamira 20 August 2021………….Overstretched facilities in learning institutions owing maximum primary to secondary transition has been described  by some educationists as a major concern.

Notwithstanding constraints posed by the strained infrastructure, the  100% transition policy  by the national government was lauded as having succeeded.

Stakeholders were challenged to collaborate in ensuring the required facilities were availed in the schools for improved academic performance.

Speaking at Nyakongo high school during a ‘’Best performance practices” occasion, James Momanyi, chief principal, Agoro Sare high, remarked  majority learning institutions reeled from  an ‘‘explosion’’ in form one enrolment this year.

According to Momanyi,best performance in national exams came with a cost, requiring extra-ordinary  stakeholder efforts.

This he said included provision of facilities resources, benchmarking and motivation adding fulfillment of parental/guardian  obligation and prudent time management were  crucial aspects.

Nyakongo high school  chief principal Samson Gitamo described his school as one of the upcoming ones in the region in national examination performance, a move that had attracted a record enrolment.

He disclosed the school achieved 100% in last year’s KCSE with 63  out 110 candidates qualifying for public universities entry while the rest will join middle level colleges.

The school has since registered over 600 students,he added.Owing to increased enrollment,the BOM  chairman Bernard Oriago observed despite availing a science laboratory complex,dormitories and a borehole,the school still needed  additional facilities.