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Leaders eyeing for gubernatorial seat declares their interests.

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Governor James Ongwae among other leaders during the Burial services Of Oroo Oyionka. [photo file]

By Leighton Osinde

Kisii Kenya 28 August 2021………..POLITICAL temperatures in Kisii county have intensified with candidates eyeing the gubernatorial seat held by James Ongwae telling his deputy Joash Maangi to deputize them or retire with his boss  so that the county leadership can have new blood to attract more investors to boost the local economy.

Dagoreti North MP  Simba Arati and land economist Rachael Otundo who have hit the ground to woo voters came face to face with Maangi  during a funeral in Bobasi constituency where they told him to deputize them if he wanted to survive politically or retire to watch change of the management of the county from the periphery.  

Otundo who was among leaders who addressed the mourners during the burial of mama Esther Obonyo Ombui who is the mother of Mokwerero Ward MCA Geoffrey Ombati at Nyansongo village within the constituency accused Maangi of getting scared with her candidature where the deputy governor only recognized male candidates and told him that time was over for men.

She said that men have served their two consecutive term,s of ten years and it was high time they came in as deputies because they performed below the expectations of the stakeholders hence the reason wananchi in the region asked her to join the race so that she can bring change.

Appeared scared, Maangi was forced to make his speech earlier and invite Arati to crown the ceremony which was attended by twenty one out of the sixty nine MCA’s from the Kisii county assembly where the legislator said that he will have no problem working with  if he wins the top county seat.

Earlier, Maangi had said that the turn was for the Gucha region Kisii central having served for two terms since 2013 to date and was looking forward to sit with Arati and former south mugirango MP Manson Oyongo so that the seat can go to the Gucha side which has four constituencies of Machoge chache, Machoge Borabu, Bobasi and south Mugirango.

What shocked mourners is how Maangi brought messages of condolences from governor James Ongwae and senator Prof. Sam Ongeri without that of the women representative Janet Ong’era who hails from the area and also said to be also interested for the gubernatorial seat.

While Maangi and Arati come from Gucha in Bomachoge and Bobasi clans, it was Otundo who hailed from Kisii central in Nyaribari clan where she is competing with  Nyaribari Masaba MP Ezekiel Machogu, senator Prof. Sam Ongeri and Chweya Matoke.

Ironically, Arati will be battling with Chris Obure, Janet Ong’era and Lumumba Nyaberi for the Bobasi vote which makes it tricky for the coveted seat going to the Gucha region as suggested by Maangi.
Bogetutu clan which has so far ruled through governor Ongwae is waiting for the other clans to come to their rescue while Bonchari clan is yet to declare their interest for the seat.