Serving The People

Meet multi-task player in promoting education.

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Chief Principal albert Ombiro.[Photo courtesy ]

By Gusii star team .

WHEN he received information from the county director of education that he was required in the Nyanza regional office Kisumu, little did Principal Albert Otara Ombiro know that good news was awaiting him for being a multi-task player in promoting education, sports, team work in the community and taking good care of his family.

As chairman of Sports Kenyenya sub- county between 2010 and 2015 and as the chairman of Kenya secondary schools association Kenyenya sub county between 2016 and 2019, Ombiro is with all smiles having been confirmed by the ministry of education as the Chief Principal which has gone a long way to inspire may in the Gusii region.

Known to be always humble and a keen listener, Ombiro, currently the chief principal of St. Paul’s’ Gekano Boys high school in Nyamira county who was confirmed to the position in January this year says that  his desire is to serve humankind irrespective of what comes a cross him and the assignments given to him.

Ombiro who teaches Business and Geography subjects is credited to have started a sports Camp  for games and sports at St. Peters’  Keberesi high school where students competed to regional level in soccer and  to East Africa in Athletics where the institution had turned out to be a bench marking centre in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

Born in a family of teachers with his father Francis Ombiro and his late mother Teresia Moraa both being teachers, the first born in a family of seven- three brothers and four sisters is impressed  with the service they are offering to the society as a family. Indeed, all the brothers and one sister are teachers just like his beloved wife who has sired him seven children.

Born in 1970 in Kiru village, Kenyenya division in Gucha, Ombiro attended Kiru primary school, before moving to Itierio high school from form one to form six where he passed well to join Moi university  for the Bachelor of education and proceeded to Kampala international university for his masters.

The immediate senior principal of st. Peters’  Keberesi high school in Kenyenya sub- county where he served for twelve years was first employed in Rigoma mixed secondary school in 1994 where he worked until 1998 before he was transferred to St. Theresa’s girls’ high school, Nyangusu where he worked for two years.

He was later moved to Endereti mixed high school where he served until 2002 before he was promoted to Meteiribe as the Deputy principal where he served until 2007  and managed to train the soccer team  which competed well up to the district level. Here at Meteiribe secondary, Ombiro managed to tame boys who used to close the Kisii/ Trans Mara common border to join their parents in fighting during the ethnic clashes.

The same years 2007, he was promoted as the Principal of St. Peters’ Keberesi high school which was starting by then  where he managed to establish four permanent classrooms which eventually turned out to be a three streams school with the number of students swelling to 850 and twenty five teachers until 2019 when he was  transferred to St. Paul’s Gekano boys’ high school in Nyamira county.

At St. Paul’s Gekano, where he got the mean academic standard score at 5.8, the chief principal has started consultation meetings wit stakeholders and last year,. the mean score improved to 6.8 and other major activities are  in the pipeline.