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Stop jumping insults to CS Dr Matiangi urges youths.

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CS Fred Matiangi during fundraising at Sironga Church has asked elected leaders to respect national government officials and avoid humiliating and embarrassing them. []photo file

Kisii Kenya 2 September 2021…Kisii youth Caucus has urged deputy president William Ruto and his supporters to unconditionally tender apologies to Interior ministry Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i for hurling insults at him over change of security personnel at his residences.

The caucus criticized DP and his supporters for always  jumping  to insult  CS  Matiang’i ,whenever national government directives  do not favourite them.

They  took exception of the  recent withdrawal of General Service unit guards and their replacement with Administration Police from the DP’s residences where him  and his allies again insulted the CS.

This comes hot on the heels of some leaders from the local community condemning the approach taken by  Ruto and his followers on Matiang’i.

Led by Denis Mosoti,Denis Oseko and Denis Omoke,the youths defended Matiang’i saying, he was  a humble but competent public servant implementing the presidential directives.

A section of youths from Kisii county led by Douglas Ogari and Denis Mosoti [photo file

According to the caucus, Ruto should sort out any differences he had with President Uhuru Kenyatta instead of venting his anger on the CS.Matiang’i, they  said, was held in high respect in the Abagusii community and any abuses  or acts of demeaning directed at him will not be tolerated.

Claiming  they were peace  ambassadors  the youths reminded the DP and his supporters that the drums of war they had started to beat through the attacks on Matiang’i ,were likely to jeorpadize the current conducive political climate in the country and that  in the event of chaos, erupting, it was them who  suffered.

They urged Ruto to reign in on his cronies and apologize to the CS and the local community.