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Administration warned over rise of drug abuse .

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some containers used by brewers to keep Busaa and Changaa at the village [Photo Brighton Makori Gusii star]

By our reporter

Nyamira Kenya 29 SEP 2021….County administration and security officers has been challenged to jointly fight illicit brew in Nyamira county .

Speaking at Nyamira County during the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) sensitization forum with leaders meeting at Nyamira Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika said that it’s worrying that Nyamira is on the rise over drug abuse hence there is need of taking stern measures to curb the manage in the area.

He directed Nyamira County commissioner together with administration officers to take action to any officers who will be caught taking bribes from illicit brewers and unlicensed bars and vows that appropriate action should be taken against them.

According to the NACADA report Nyamira County is among the hotspot County where alcohol and drug substance abuse is high followed by Kisii county which is ranked number three. .

“We have lost many lives through alcohol and drug substance we will not allow that one to continue ,” Mutindika Said.

Mr Magu directed the commissioner and administration officers to close down non compliance premises.

The CEO NACADA Victor Okioma said that corruption is among the challenges in the fight against alcohol and drug substance, citing that some officers are being compromised by illicit brewers.

According to the report the major challenge is the issue of licensing of bars , where by there is more bars than schools

Mr Okioma said that Nyamira County is among the hotspot counties with alcohol and drug substance is rampant and if proper measures are not put in place the the next generation will be in a mess.

“We are focusing on validity of operation of bars and distance of the premises from learning institutions, “said Okioma.

He cited that there is a big challenge with the rehabilitation centers in the country.

He vows that they are working closely with county governmenties to ensure that the fight against alcohol and drug substance is achieved

NACADA boss calls upon public to support and be champions to give out any useful information.


“The war against alcohol and drugs abuse calls for the support of the all,” he said.

Mr Okioma asked counties to reinvest money generated from bars and restaurants licensing to supporting rehabilitation and prevention campaigns..

Nyamira county Secretary James Ntabo said that they have partnered with the National government to ensure that they issue valid license to the bar owners.

Mr Ntabo asked all the stakeholders , government agencies and youths to spearhead in fighting alcohol and drug substance abuse,adding they are with plans to build rehabilitation center.