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Stop hiking fares Drivers and conductors urged as schools reopen

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 .Drivers and conductors have been urged not to hike fares.
.They have been called to give students first priority so that they can be at school in time 
.Those selling alcohols at Matatu stage warned .                   

Kisii Kenya 11Oct 2021……Drivers and conductors have been urged to stop hiking fares as school reopens for the second term as even the fuel prices is higher .
Speaking to Gusii star on Monday at Kisii Main stage, Kisii county Matatu workers Union Chairperson Samson Okongo Mose said they are expecting smooth activities at all Matatu stages as student starts going back to schools.
At the same time he called upon the conductors to give students first priority so that they can be at school at the right time.
“I call upon the conductors to make sure that they work smart by giving students first priority so that they can beat school at the right time, previously we have been having cases where some people who are not attached to any Matatu Sacco trys to misled students, as the Matatu officials we will not allow that behave to continue in any of our stages,” He said
Mr Okongo insisted that the drivers should be more vigilant by driving with the recommended speed.
“I urge drivers not to consider going for more trips for speeding, let them drive safely by considering the lives of his passengers by taking note that over speeding sometimes cause harm” Okongo added
To the school administration he challenged Principals not to allow any person to send away late comers as it was experienced in last term.
According to Okongo they have received complaints from students whom they found at stage, who claim to be chased away by school watchmen whenever they get late in school.
“Last time we were shocked when we found students at Night at on of the stages, when we interrogated them they said that they were turned away by the watchman, hence we call upon the Principals to ensure that students are being allowed in then explain what transferred without=t chasing them away posing more danger ” Okongo appealed.
Elizabeth Kwamboka who represents gender in Matatu Workers Union also called upon Matatu workers and Students to continue following Covid 19 protocols.

elizabeth kwamboka

She also warned those people who sell alcohols at the stage by calling upon the security agents to set measures which will ensure that t students are not involved in such activities.
“I call upon the security agencies and the county Government of Kisii to ensure that those who sell alcohols at the stage they don’t sell to the students , we have been having cases where you find students get involved and end up losing transport and valuables “ she noted
Elizabeth also warned girls to be more vigilant when at the stage by making sure that the only business is to get a Matatu and go to school .
To the leaders they called them to make sure that the Roads are being maintained and are passable more so Bobaracho and Kegati where there is many potholes.