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Stay firm and defend the boundaries of our country Senator ongeri tells president Uhuru

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Kisii Kenya 17 Oct 2021 …Kisii Senator Prof.Sam Ongeri has faulted the decision by the International court of Justice ICJ to alter Kenya’s maritime  boundary with Somalia in the Indian ocean, in favour of Somalia. 

Following an appeal by Somali government at the ICJ, the court ruled in favour of Somalia, in a move which will see Kenya losing a large portion of territory in the Indian Ocean believed to have oil deposits beneath the seabed.

Ongeri said that the move by ICJ was ill-advised and an affront to Kenya’s territorial integrity. 

Speaking during the burial of renowned lawyer Evans Monari at Nyakongo village, professor Ongeri said that there was well thought out reason by the former international leadership to have the Kenya  boundary with Somalia at sea drawn horizontally rather than diagonally eastwards, a move which could block the port of Mombasa at high sea, making Kenya a land-locked country.

“As a former minister for Foreign affairs, I categorically observe that it’s of utmost importance to let the boundary remain as originally done rather than alter it to favour our neighbours,” Ongeri said.

He supported the move by President Uhuru Kenyatta to raise exception with the ICJ decision and asked him to stay put and defend the boundaries of our country, for posterity.